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  1. To open a beauty shop, there are a lot of preparations in the early stage. For example, the funds of opening a beauty shop, the objects and consumption positioning faced by the store, and the selection of beauty shop opening are very important. The specific content is as follows:
    1. Planning The funds of the Beauty Store
    The beauty shop that wants to successfully opens the beauty shop, which is fundamentally guaranteed when the funds are sufficient. For novices, the first thing to determine is the planning problem of funds. So how to plan the problem of funds? In fact, it is very simple. Generally, the funds of Kai Beauty Store are comprehensive measures based on the positioning of beauty salons, shop size, belonging, and style decoration. To open a beauty shop, the first factor: fund planning.
    2. The targets and consumption positioning faced by the store
    The beauty chain brands on the market are endless, and they are different in faces, body, hair, skin management, nails and so on. As a cosmetic shop entrepreneurial franchise, not only must we fully understand the market, but also plan and position the key directions you want to do in order to enable the beauty shop to develop long -term development.
    The distinctive characteristics, leading the world. Only by highlighting self -characteristics can we absorb more consumer customers, be based on the market, and their beauty shops can open longer.
    3, the selection of beauty shop opening is very important
    If the beauty shop to achieve good development, it needs a location that is conducive to gathering traffic. The site selection of a beauty shop can more accurately determine how much its customer traffic is, which directly affects its consumption high and the difficulty of expanding customers.

    4, personnel configuration, product, instrument and equipment purchase
    want to open a beauty shop, the three elements are indispensable: personnel, products and instruments and equipment. The first element is a beautician. It is necessary to open a beauty shop, and it is worth noting that the operation of all projects must be the hands of professional beauty artists. Entrepreneurs recruit beauty artists or store managers based on their needs when preparing to open a beauty shop to ensure the normal operation of beauty shops.
    The second element, product. The quality of the quality of the beauty shop's beauty shop is an important consideration to determine the continuous consumption of customers. The third element, the advancedness and perfectness of the instrument and equipment are the guarantee of the customer's demand foundation.
    5. Applying the business license
    Perhaps someone said, shouldn't applying for a business license should be the primary problem? In fact, for beginners, when the industry is not clearly decided to engage in the industry, it should also gradually determine the industry they are preparing to work, and then apply for the qualification documents required by the industry. Such as necessary business licenses, tax registration certificates, sanitary licenses, qualification certificates of fire acceptance, etc. are essential.
    If attention:

    1. When selecting the address of the beauty shop, select the site according to the consumer group. Many beauty salon franchisees choose to open beauty salons in the residential area, but not all residential areas are suitable. Before determining the residential area, you should understand the status of residents in the residential area and nearby residents. What is the level of consumption, how the age composition structure, and how the working class, etc., can determine the target residential area in a comprehensive understanding.
    2, in addition, pay attention to the decoration of beauty shops. Opening a beauty salon must have a good image to attract customers into the store. The decoration directly affects the image of the store. The decoration is neither a luxury, and of course it is not cost -effective. It is important to be practical, personalized, and apparent.
    So it is important to have a good image. Not only can it attract new customers, but also retain the old customers, let customers help beauty salons to make good reputation, upgrade the image to word of mouth to make customers endless, and successfully shape the good image of beauty salons.

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