1 thought on “Why are there any types of community services?”

  1. 1. Selling products

    that is, the purpose of our construction and operating products is to maintain better sales of our products. Such communities occupy the vast majority of today's communities, some are to sell courses, and some are to sell their own specialty products.

    So the products mentioned here are generally referred to, including various physical products, Internet products, and a certain service, members, etc.

    2. Provide services

    I online education can organize your own community. Whether it is online or offline, the establishment of the community can increase information communication on the one hand. In addition You can also conduct counseling and questioning in the community.

    3. Expansion of human network

    Whether it is based on interest or skill social circle, I think everyone has thought about building their own connections. This is also any A workplace people must work hard to do.

    4. Gathering interest

    Is all know that whether it is a hobby or interest, the companion effect is required in the process of growth.

    The community is now many, for example, the community that gathers the hobbies such as reading, running, or a certain art. The purpose of this type of community is to attract a group of people with common hobbies to maintain their interests together and build a small circle of common hobbies.

    5. Create a brand

    The community for the purpose of building a brand to build a closer connection with your own users. This is not simple The transaction relationship is an emotional connection that is realized outside the transaction.

    The establishment of such communities, it is best to have some brands of precipitation before, and use some loyal fans. Otherwise, it is not easy to want to be such a community.

    6. Establishing influence

    If can be used to quickly fission in the community mode, you can quickly establish influence by helping this way.

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