6 thoughts on “It's really difficult to find a job”

  1. Yes, education and ability are not available, but education and wages are equal. Your problem is not that you are not clever, but in frequent job changes. There is always no suitable direction, without a skill. For low -degree people, the best way is to learn a technology and become blue -collar workers. You know, the current blue -collar workers are more promising than white -collar workers who graduate from university. Or, you can go to the scoring. Now the monthly salary of the haircat director of Beijing can get 6K, which is not as good as the white collar, and you can start a business in the future. It is also a good choice to have your own barber shop.
    It, if you like to deal with people and do not like to do technology, there are two best choices: one is the fast -moving consumer goods salesperson, the entry is low, but the growth space is relatively large, as long as you persist for more than 3 years or more And constantly learning and promotion at work will have a future. The second is to start with warehouse management and become professional talents in the logistics industry, but you need to resist loneliness and also need to continue to learn and improve at work. As long as you persist, do not frequently change jobs, and accumulate a skill, you can also become excellent talents. come on!

  2. Haha, the young man has rich work experience. I suggest you do a small business. I think you are no longer working with people. It is estimated that you should have suffered all kinds of taste for people! Now starting a business is a good time, young and young, dare to work hard

  3. Go to the car at Metro Public Welfare West Bridge. Station | 4.4 kilometers) can also be multiplied: 654324
    In the north of Fengyi Bridge to walk 300 meters

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