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  1. There are a lot of companies doing WeChat Mini Program now. The applet has been launched on January 9, 2017. It has been developed for almost two years. The weapon, the applet is indeed not expected, bringing a lot of profits to the merchant. So what kind of behavior and the crowd industry is more suitable for the use of applets?
    . Now the physical store
    Is all know that due to the development of the Internet, the development income of the e -store platform is very considerable. Many manufacturers want to participate in, but they are not suitable for the development of e -commerce platforms. For example, the supermarket at the gate of the community.
    The problem of small programs that greatly solve the problem. It can completely replace a large platform such as a certain treasure, thereby creating a platform that belongs to its own special department to meet the needs of online shopping online, but also meet the supply of merchants' supply. Ability to achieve a win -win situation.
    . The catering industry
    . Where to eat? What to eat? It is a question that most people face every day. Think about it. Now turn on the phone, click on the nearby small program, find your favorite restaurant for ordering, you can choose to go to the store to dine. The time of customers and merchants, and online publicity should save publicity costs.
    . The medical industry
    What is the most annoying thing to go to the hospital? Of course it is queuing and registered! If you open a small program and make an online appointment for registration, it not only saves the queue time, but also facilitates a medical staff, and it is not only the registration function, but also paid, online diagnosis and treatment, etc.
    . E -commerce
    The earlier mentioned e -commerce development and high profits, but if it can be operated with the small program and the public account matrix, the e -commerce small program public account is used to use the public account to use the public account for shopping guide. It will increase sales and increase users.
    . Tool categories
    The apps now, while some apps take up too much space, and then similar to the tool category apps to waste mobile phone memory, uneasy sometimes uses it. In this embarrassing situation The problem, the applet is too much, and goes away. There is no need to download, which not only meets the user's needs and does not need to be downloaded. For example: Sleeping, Netease's Dictionary, etc. are done well.
    The applets are based on WeChat's APP of 1 billion active users. The advantages of high traffic, easy customer acquisition, and no need to download, and the development cost of small programs is relatively low, which can accept. Any merchant can try as long as there is a good idea, and the applet will bring you infinite surprises.

  2. The applet is suitable for most industries on the market. Here are a few more common ones:

    1. Physical store

    due to the impact of the Internet, many physical stores The harder it can be obtained. Nowadays, in the context of people's increasingly accustomed to online shopping, for physical stores, the development of a small program can not only enhance their exposure and popularity to gain more traffic. It can also directly allow customers to buy products through small programs, so as to improve their income online offline sales models.

    2. E -commerce

    Compared with the traditional e -commerce platform, small programs have no entry and no high amount. A large amount of funds. In addition, small programs are the platform of enterprises and merchants, so there are no other competitors on this platform, so that companies and merchants can not only avoid customer loss caused by commodity homogeneity. Therefore, for enterprises and businesses in the e -commerce industry, applets can not only

    3. The medical industry

    They all need to line up, but if you have a small program, you can allow patients to register and pay directly through the applet, so that the patient can be lined up and the patient's medical experience can be greatly saved. At the same time, it can also help the hospital to optimize the work process and improve work efficiency, thereby optimizing manpower and reducing the cost of employment.

    4. The catering industry

    "What to eat at noon and what to eat at night" This may be a question we think every day. But now, you can find nearby restaurants directly through the small program. After finding your favorite restaurant, you can line up and order directly through the small program. After arriving at the restaurant, you can take a seat directly. Waiting for the dishes to serve, it greatly saves the time consumed when the queue is queuing and waiting for the service personnel to order. For restaurants, the waiting time for customers will help enhance the consumption experience of customers, thereby increasing the chance of customer secondary consumption. In addition, it can be promoted, promoted through small programs, and obtained traffic.

  3. WeChat Mini Program is suitable for many fields, especially in areas that require online services.
    The areas of online and offline collection can develop small programs.

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