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  1. The holiday is over!

    If it is not blocked on the road

    This on the street

    Then you must still depend on the bed?

    did you know?

    It another group of people who love to sleep like you,

    people who make money when they fall asleep!

    This is a career in Guiyang's new recent rise:

    The occupation is called

    Known as "the best career in history", the hotel test staff

    what existence does this profession have?

    The cause of the hotel test staff

    As the tourism market continues to grow, many tourists are more inclined to choose the hotel by browsing a large number of comments on the travel website before travel, and The work of the hotel testers is to give accurate and professional comments to the hotel experience.

    The work content of the hotel test staff

    Although it sounds comfortable, the work content is never ambiguous. This profession needs to experience the hotel's service, environment, hygiene, price, catering and other aspects, such as the hard and hard of the mattress, the cold and cold air conditioning, the speed of the network speed, whether the sewer is smooth, and whether the shower water flow is too large and too small.

    The grasp of the details when you stay in. For example, you have to pay attention to whether there are waiters to drive forward before entering the hotel; pay attention to the time required for the residence and whether the elevator mouth is easy to find; Follow the smell of the hotel lobby. The way you see, hear, and feel text plus pictures and video, upload it to the Internet to generate reports, and provide a reference for many netizens.

    The friends who are a hotel test workers

    . Her name is Yang Yushu, which is an authentic Guiyang person

    Since working for 5 years, she has tried to sleep more than 60 five -star hotels

    and countless theme vacation hotels

    During the hotel experience

    It feels everywhere

    . She was trying to sleep around 10, she started to "understand"

    Hainan Lai Buddhist Hotel,

    Sessor received a cup of lily fruit juice when she entered the hotel,

    The welcome drinks of five -star hotels are generally lemonade, r, n
    The environment of this cup of lily fruit juice and Sanya is very good

    Yang Yishu's first impression of this hotel is good

    In a five -star hotel,

    In the check -out procedures for half an hour

    Although there are many tourists on the day, what makes her feel wrong is that

    During the period, she did not receive any soothing of the hotel

    and hotels except the province, five -star hotels in Guizhou Province Rulaiban and Purman, she tried to sleep After

    , she said that the five -star hotel in the province,

    The national style in decoration, so she always has a unique style
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n The ordinary people have no chance to stay in many luxury hotels

    It do not know that there are so many exquisite and knowledge

    and she also said, the hotel test staff In the past few years

    It, she can say

    more than 20 details of any hotel

    Give everyone the professional knowledge of sleep:

    The comfort of the bed determines the quality of sleep

    Actually, the standard of good beds is:

    The feeling of fit with the body

    The more image is

    N and the delicate bedding also affect the degree of sleep

    generally the most comfortable to use 60 weaving bedding;

    and people who are easy to allergic to the skin or poor sleep

    The bedding of high -point weaving

    because the higher the number of weaving, the more delicate the bed items will be.

    In I wonder if everyone learned?

    of course, this profession is not ordinary people who can engage in

    thalma Jun asked

    This conditions are quite high!

    . For example, contact hotels, inn n
    The thinking should be meticulous, thoughtful, and solid in writing

    Look at and find problems from the perspective of customer;

    The is enthusiastic and rational,

    Love travel, be happy to share, and be brave to try new things!

    Is this profession? Intersection

    Then come on to improve the ability

    muer will help you like

    R n
    In the prince!

    In improved taste

    Open a wider field of vision

    n More salon invites you to participate, and more benefits will immediately launch

    WeChat public account: chromatography salon

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