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  1. The medical beauty industry is very good, it is a rising industry.

    In recent years, my country's medical and beauty industry has developed an average annual growth rate of 50%. It is expected that the market turnover of the medical and American industry in 2014 will exceed 500 billion yuan. As people's living standards continue to increase, This number will continue to increase. First of all, China's huge 1.4 billion population lays the foundation of the medical aesthetic market. Secondly, although there are currently nearly 30 million practitioners in my country's medical and aesthetic industry, there are very few real medical beauty knowledge and technology. The demand for high -end talents has risen straight. Medical cosmetology mainly uses medical knowledge and technology to maintain human health, repair and resume human beauty. In the early 1980s, there were only individual hospitals opened a beauty department (room) in my country. Nowadays, professional colleges and professional hospitals with medical beauty, such as spring bamboo shoots, showed vitality. The scope of medical cosmetology covers the organs and parts of the body's body. At present, medical beauty technology professionals are lacking, the application prospects are very broad, and the employment rate of graduates is high. Judging from the current status of the medical beauty industry, medical beauty practitioners are far from meeting people's rapid growth in beauty needs. With the continuous development and progress of society, the gap between medical beauty talents will continue to expand. Therefore Essence

    In more information about medical beauty, it is recommended to consult the Tianjin celebrity image design art school. The institution has always pursued and adhered to the teaching position of "socialization" and "education training". After more than 20 years, a total of 54,625 students were trained, of which about 12,000 were engaged in the occupation of beauty and hairdressers; more than 3,500 people were in beauty and hairdressing hairdressing. Management positions; more than 9,300 people operate makeup and beauty hairdressing companies independently; more than 6,000 private professional image model designers who are engaged in celebrities of social celebrities. They are trustworthy and help students learn technology better. [Free rebuilding, recommended employment, entrepreneurial support, one subject to send two subjects, please click to receive free audition lessons! 】

  2. Salary treatment
    As of December 24, the average salary of 11,1340 graduates of medical beauty technology was 3924 yuan, of which 2911 yuan for fresh graduates, 3638 yuan in 0-2 years, and 4638 yuan for more than 10 years or more. 3-5 years of salary is 4629 yuan, 6-7 years of salary is 7999 yuan, and 8-10 years of salary is 8,746 yuan.
    In employment direction
    The student students of medical beauty technology can engage in medical aesthetic technical and management work in medical cosmetic institutions, beauty companies, cosmetics groups, medical beauty scientific research and education and other departments , Beauty practitioner training, medical beauty plastic surgery, image design, cosmetics allocation and marketing, beauty instrument use and maintenance, and high -level management of beauty institutions.
    If jobs
    Curagienks, plastic surgeons, plastic surgery doctors, beauticians, beautyists, etc.
    The area of ​​urban employment index
    The area with the most employment in medical beauty technology is Guangzhou. The highest salary areas are Huizhou.
    The cities with more jobs are: Guangzhou [52], Beijing [24], Shanghai [14], Chongqing [10], Chaoyang [8], Shenzhen [7], Jinan [ 6], Tianjin [5], Nanjing [4], Chengdu [4], etc.
    The cities with higher employment salary are: Huizhou [5926 yuan], Xiamen [5220 yuan], Shaoxing [4999 yuan], Beijing [4571 yuan], Shanghai [4523 yuan], Jiangmen [4055 yuan], Guangzhou [ 3935 yuan], Shenzhen [3850 yuan], Nanjing [3846 yuan], Suzhou [3836 yuan], Foshan [3764 yuan], etc.
    The professional ranking of similar majors
    Themidal cosmetic technology major in professional disciplines belongs to clinical medicine and medical technology in medical categories. Among them, there are 17 majors in clinical medicine and medical technology. Medical beauty technology majors are in clinical medicine It ranks 14th among medical technology majors and ranks 25th in the entire medical category.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer First: Medical beauty technology is a medical marginal discipline. It cannot be upgraded, and the qualification certificate of a practicing physician cannot be taken. The country has not set up a professional title test on the beauty industry. In fact, it is not qualified to engage in any creative operation. Tattoos, laser, ultrasonic knives, do n’t think about making double eyelids ... The school courses are mainly cosmetic skin care technology, image design, nails, beauty Chinese medicine technology, beauty practical technology (briefly introduce laser instruments), tattoos Embroidery technology (啧 ... Simple learning one), normal human structure, pathological pathology, obstetrics and gynecology, beauty marketing. I learned very complicated, and I felt like I was all in the industry. The books you learn are all castrated ... Because it involves the medical field, the level of the teacher is obviously not enough. Finally, the medical knowledge seems to understand and the professional knowledge is not clear enough. In terms of professional and technical, massage techniques have to wait until the junior to enter the enterprise and learn ... I made a four -like.nSecond, the medical aesthetic students who come out at the specialized level are two roads, selling or cosmetic aesthetics. Let's talk about the beauty artist first, front -line position. The threshold for entry is low, which means that the competition is more intense. Everyone is learning the unique method of enterprises at the same time. Then where you have learned for two years. The work is hard and the salary is low. 180 yuan of beauty projects, only 20 yuan for the beauty master ... Is Zhou Pingpi alive? If the beauty body is yes, you still have to rely on the project, and the product sales can make money. Sales are divided into front -end sales and a little more advanced consultant and beauty instructor ... Needless to say, the front -end sales ... Traditional product sales. Consultants and cosmetic mentors have to rely on opportunities ... If you can encounter a larger company in the school move, you must strive for this position!nQuestion if you choosenIs there any good way out?nAnswer Employment direction Medical cosmetic technology students can engage in medical aesthetics and management work in medical beauty institutions, beauty companies, cosmetics groups, medical beauty scientific research and education departments after graduation, and are competent for beauty guidance, beauty consultants, beauty artists training, medical beauty cosmetic beauty Plastic surgery, image design, cosmetics deployment and marketing, beauty instrument use and maintenance, and advanced management of beauty institutions.nNo matter which position is, you have to come out step by step by yourself. As long as you work hard, you will definitely glow wherever you go [Happy]nQuestion is simply nothingnAnswer notnQuestions and whether to continue reading or notnAnswer if you don't like this major, you can turn to a suitable professional [Watching]nIf you can't turn it, you can study carefully, don't hang up, at least get a graduation certificate [Watch] After all, this major is very promising if you come out to work well.nIf you think about how much W to be calculated in the current small micro -rectification [Watching]nIn fact, they started from a small position. For example, many doctors in the hospital went up step by step. So why did he go up? It is some doctors who have been studying themselves. At the age of 50, there are constantly learning [Watching]nI thought I thought I made a lot of money before learning, even if I didn't like it. I don't want to be a dead salary, I choose this major, but after learning, I feel nothing. There is no economic foundation at home and the social network will not make money even if it is learned.nThe answer is also, many people can learn well because of family economic reasons, but the economic and connections are not allowed, and they will give their children a kind of idea that you have learned and have no place to exhibit. This major is well learned. Even if the professional is not the same, your career selection is also many. [Wait and see]nIn fact, many people are still professional. The easiest example is sales. Whether it is car sales or house sales, I know a lot of people introduced and slowly do it. ofnOf course, you can learn the counterpart, you can slowly start, you can also see the opportunity to choose the right profession [Bi Heart]nAsk questions and want to ask you, but if the consultation is over, can you add WeChat?nThe answer platform cannot add contact information at will. I hope it can be understood [Watching] If you have any questions, you can click on the link to buy 9.9 yuan 24 hours an infinite question [Watching]n【Paid Consultation Service】 MBD./Ma/s/ye5i9ufcnMore 18nBleak

  4. Medical cosmetic technology is currently very good for employment and good prospects. Due to the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for images is also increasing. People also have financial resources and energy on beauty. Therefore

  5. How is the employment prospects of medical aesthetics? Medical beauty majors, now it seems that employment prospects are very good. If you have to learn this major, you must learn finely, master a certain proficient technology, the employment prospect is very good, and the salary is very high

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