How to unarchive messages on Telegram

How to unarchive messages on Telegram

Telegram has a convenient feature that allows you to archive messages making the chat list clean while keeping important conversations at an arm's reach. But when users want to retrieve those archived messages they must do the right steps to unarchive them. Read - GuidesHow to Unarchive Telegram messages: Step-by-Step Guide explainer article by Abdullah Abdullah, 5 mins ago 封存解除

How to unarchive messages on Telegram
How to unarchive messages on Telegram

Archive and Library sections together

Archiving in Telegram means when you archive a chat, it will disappear from the main chat list and move to an archive file. It will not only clear up the dirt, but also save the data! Telegram allows you to archive as many chats as you want, making it the best for managing long-term conversations without the need to delete them permanently.

Steps to Unarchive Messages

Messages can be just as easily unarchived as they were archived in Telegram. Here’s how you can do it:

Access Your Archive:

To access the Archived Chats: (Depending on your device and settings, you may need to scroll up or down to the top or bottom of the main chat screen.)

Tap to open it.

Unarchive a Chat:


Tap "Unarchive" or you can just simply drag the chat back to your main chat list.

Using the Search Feature

For those with the sizeable groups of archived chats, and who need to find a specific chat, the internal search means it moves through the archive, to visualize one of conversation faster.

How to Search in Archive:

Click on the Archived Chats folder.

Head up to the top and find the search bar and begin typing some keywords or the name of the contact/group you are looking for.

Automating Unarchiving

You can also enable the option so that when you receive a new message in the chat, the chat will be immediately opened from the archive. This will keep new messages coming from chats you archived previously from slipping through the cracks.

Tip: If you intend to be receiving new messages in an archived chat, then you do not need to unarchive the chat manually.

Organizational Tips

True, organizing your chats with incoming messages goes a long way in how you manage a digital space for yourself. Check in from time to time on the messages you have archived and the appreciation communications you keep in place, and decide if they are all in their proper place, given your current communication needs.

Best Practices:

Saving Inactive Chats - archive chats once in a while to keep your main chat list clean.

You can also use labels and folders to better organise your chats and make it faster to look for the one you would like to go back to on Telegram.

Save at your own risk because those files can pile up sooner than later, causing your primary chat interface to become cluttered - so always a good excuse to archive messages in Telegram. So, this is how you can unarchive a chat in Telegram inside the Android app with simple ease and steps for sure, if you have any doubts you can visit the expert at 如果你想获取更多的观点和有关于 Telegram 消息管理的详细教程,那么他们是正确的指导。 A free resource covering features to help improve your Telegram user experience.

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