If Alipay goes down, what will happen to the existence?

If Alipay goes down, what will happen to the existence?

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  1. First of all, the problem of Alipay’s failure will not happen in the past few years, so you can use Alipay with confidence. Don’t ask about hypothetical questions. Secondly, even if Alipay really goes down, don’t worry, because the money in Alipay is in the bank. In fact, Alipay’s money is not in Jack Ma’s small vytes, but in the bank. That is, every penalty you store in Alipay, Alipay has no right to misappropriate, neither to buy other companies, nor is it used to make large and small investment, which is completely safe.
    The expansion information:
    1. In January 2019, the “Mobile Government Service Report (2018) -Reconstruction and Wisdom” showed that there have been 442 cities in the country (including county -level cities and provinces and direct under the jurisdiction. County) Moved government services to the Alipay platform. On January 10, Lujiazui signed the “Pre -sale contract” of the office building with Alipay. Transfer to Alipay, the general price is RMB 2.262 billion.
    2. On January 14, Ant Financial announced that Alipay actively implemented the relevant requirements of the People’s Bank of China on the depository and direct storage of the payment institutions’ customer reserve deposits and disconnection. By January 14, 2019, it has completed Discard direct linked, reserve depository and reserve account sales. On February 2nd, Alipay became the first batch of national certification companies. Alipay has reached the country’s strictest standard for personal information security and privacy protection. On February 21, Alipay issued an announcement that starting on March 26, the service fee will be charged through Alipay to repay the credit card.
    2. As of April 2019, Alipay’s “risk brain” has cooperated with Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Xi’an, Xiamen, Hefei, Wenzhou and other financial offices. They found and warned the “thousands of miles” of high -risk enterprises. In May 2019, Alipay launched the “Fa Tong” function. Failure is a free money tools provided by Alipay for merchants. Through the issuing Alipay merchants can pay 0 fees to employees and flexible use of workers to pay, benefits, commissions, reimbursement funds to employees and flexibly uses workers. Wait. On May 8th, Alipay launched the “Elderly Edition of each other.” In June, Alipay and its local wallet partners have served global users with over 1.2 billion. In January of this year, Alipay announced that there were more than 1 billion users around the world, and the number of global users had maintained a 20%growth in half a year. On October 10, Alipay did not support virtual currency transactions. On November 5, Alipay released the international version.

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