4 thoughts on “The end of "The First Drop of Blood", Lambo is still Lambo, why can't Stallone go back?”

  1. Last year, a classic action movie was released. This movie is a memory of an era for many people. The original starring star is now white, and the fans who watch this movie are now parents. This film is "The First Drop Blood 5, Last Blood" starring Stallone, and many friends should still remember that the retired super soldier Lambo was full of iron -blooded tenderness. In this movie, Lambo has entered a year of confusion.

    The end of this series of movies, even relying on feelings, can make it gain a good box office. Vaguely remembered that when the first drop of "first drop of blood" was released in 1982. At that time, Stalong was a very young actor. To this day, 38 years have passed. The last release last year not only marked the end of this series of movies, but also announced that Stallone's interpretation career is about to end. In the past two years, Stallone has frequently shot in the film market. The series of "Death Team" has made great success, which has made Stallone deeply understand that his age is old, and young actors are slowly rising.

    This is obviously different from this series of previous works. For example, in previous works, it is basically included in jungle battle and the main theme of lonely heroes. This is also a very obvious label for Hollywood movies, which emphasizes personal heroism. This type of movie has a very mature model in Hollywood. How can it attract the attention of the audience and how to mobilize the emotions of the audience? These have formed unique formats in the Hollywood market.

    In "The First drop of Blood 5, the Last Blood", the previous personal heroism has been abandoned, which is replaced by the story behind the hero. The protagonist of the film is still the Lambo we are familiar with, but now he has entered the old age and lives a lifeless life in his cabin. He has been with him, his niece, until one day this peaceful life was broken. The niece learned that his biological father was still alive and lived in Mexico. So he secretly ran to Mexico with Lambo. What is Mexico? For a young girl, it is definitely more scary than hell.

    After the niece arrived in Mexico, a series of accidents appeared. Lambo arrived in Mexico, and found the position of the niece through a simple investigation. Unfortunately, the niece was still dead. This made Lambo angered, deliberately provoked the gangsters in Mexico, and introduced them all into the cabin where they lived. Lambo returned home in advance and designed a variety of agencies. Eventually relying on his past combat experience and technology, he successfully killed this group of Mexican gangsters.

    In after watching this movie, there will be a more obvious feeling, that is, this movie is very similar to the "Speed ​​Special Insider" series performed by Kinurvis Essence Although it is two completely different story lines, the promotion of structure and plot has the same wonderful work. Of course, compared with other works in the previous series, this film still has a lot of flaws. The original battle scene that made people was concentrated in the last 30 minutes of the movie. The first half of the movie was too long, which seemed a bit boring, and could not find the previous feeling during the watching process.

    But as the end of this series, although it is not necessarily classic, at least it is worthy of the entire series of works. Compared with the scene of the first part of the first part, it will obviously feel that Stallone is really old. The memories and blood of a generation may never appear on the screen anymore, which is really helpless.

  2. Lambo is a movie role, virtual character. He is always the hero of his brother in people's hearts, but Stallone is the person in reality. The person who plays Lambo. After 38 years, he is old. From the previous young, time could not go back, so Stallone could not return to the state of being young.

  3. A action star in his 70s, we can ask for a deadline for death. What do we do? Lambo is the greatest character in film history. Stallone is indeed old and old, so sometimes we should not demand demand There are too many stars that can't go back, because they are too old.

  4. The end of "The First Drop of Blood", Lambo is still Lambo. Stallone is old. Although he wants to become Lambo again, his body is no longer allowed, so he can only retire.

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