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  1. The original committee was because the user found these values ​​after buying these sunscreens, so it was directly reported by the user. This is a very correct approach.
    The indicators of these five sunscreens are deliberately enlarged, and the actual ingredients do not meet the security requirements stipulated by the state. Therefore, when buying sunscreen, the majority of netizens should polish their eyes and carefully check the official genuine logo to avoid being deceived.
    When purchasing sunscreen, the SPF value sunscreen coefficient is an important reference for consumers to buy products. Recently, nearly 300 consumers in South Korea reported to the relevant departments and urged the investigation of the five fake labels of the five sunscreen products SPF, and the brands such as Rounlai, Thia Ting, Dear Klairs, and Xiu Yu.
    Is exposed the event, and the brands such as the break to acknowledge the facts of SPF less than 50 and apologize. Brands such as Roulene and Dear Klairs also apologized and recalled related products. Nandu reporters noticed that the current five sunscreen products are sold on China's e -commerce platforms, and they are marked with SPF value 50 .
    The main purchase of sunscreen products is to look at the SPF sunscreen marked on the packaging. SPF sunscreen values ​​generally have 15 , 30 , 50 , and more professional and higher multiples of sunscreen products. For daily use, SPF15 and SPF30 are basically enough.
    Why do you need sunscreen?
    The real patient from "New England Medical Magazine". The 66 -year -old truck driver has transported milk in Chicago in the past three decades. Because the left face is closer to the window and has been exposed to sunlight for a long time, it has caused very obvious aging. The right face has not been exposed to the sun for a long time. It can be seen much younger than the left face. This picture almost appeared in the major sciences, and it sounded the alarm to the world, which shocked the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human body.
    The damage of ultraviolet rays
    The ultraviolet rays (UVs) in the sun are the most active and most accumulated in skin aging factors. Therefore, the skin aging of the skin is called "light aging". The damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin is as follows:
    The skin aging, black, and long spots.

    The ultraviolet rays cause collagen and elastic protein to decompose degeneration. In the young skin, collagen fibers are stout, clear, and they are elastic when they are old. Because ultraviolet rays are the biggest factor that causes skin aging, exogenous skin aging is also called "light aging"
    In addition to ultraviolet rays, the sun also contains a lot of heat. If too much heat radiation is received, it will still be As a result, "heat aging". According to the authoritative magazine Personal Care Magazine, the summer sun is directly illuminated for 15-20 minutes, and the temperature of the skin can be increased to above 40 ° C. Similar to the effect of ultraviolet rays, this heat can induce matrix metal protease and degrade the extracellular substrate of the leather, change the protein structure of the leather, induce the skin's blood vessel formation, and inflammation cells, so that the skin is prematurely aging
    So how to sunscreen?
    The parasols, hats must not be less

    The sunscreen is not used as an umbrella and a hat tube. In summer, certain obstructions can prevent us from sunburn and sunburn. Therefore, if you go out in summer, you must pay attention to protective measures such as umbrellas, wearing shading hats or wearing long -sleeved clothes. The parasol must be anti -UV, and do not choose the umbrella of rain and rain, because the sunscreen of the umbrella mostly relies on sunscreen coating. If you do umbrellas, it is often easy to wash off the sunscreen coating.

  2. The main reason is that a Skin Research Center in South Korea conducted a survey while selling sunscreen products hotly sold for overseas online shopping platforms and found that the SPF value did not meet the standard.

    The believe that many people now pay more and more attention to the maintenance of the skin, for fear that their skin will gradually aging with age, so the cosmetics industry is also a very hot industry. For Korean cosmetics, it is also favored by many people in China, but at the end of last year, a skin center conducted a survey and reported that the SPF value did not meet the standards for overseas online shopping platform sunscreen products?

    5 sunscreen is not qualified for the SPF value. According to media reports, five sunscreen products in South Korea have been reported by many people because of false labeling SPF values, so relevant Korean departments are also required to conduct investigations. Subsequently, when a special investigation team was set up in South Korea, the five sunscreens did not meet the standards after spot investigation.
    has also caused many netizens to dissatisfy, because in the eyes of many people know that cosmetics in South Korea are actually very good, so under the influence of this situation, Korean cosmetics also ushered in ushered in usage. A low wave.
    It before, there are many news that some overseas online shopping platforms have felt that the product and effect are inconsistent during the process of using.
    If survey these 5 brands are Rou Enlai, Xiu Yu, Purito, Dear, KLAIRS and Tijia Ting in South Korea. And these five products also have a certain sales on the Internet, so it is necessary to investigate for online shopping platforms. Do not let this illegal product infringe the rights and interests of consumers.
    Stime phenomenon appears in cosmetics. Where does the online shopping platform go? For the cosmetics industry itself, its profits are still very high, so in many cases, some young people who love beauty will maintain their skin as much as possible.
    will buy some more expensive sunscreen in the summer. Everyone knows that the higher the SP F value, the better its sunscreen effect, so in this trend of interests The quality of the product will definitely be greatly affected.
    So the distributors of these five products later also issued a statement that they would be checked as soon as possible. If it really brings a bad phenomenon to consumers, it will actively deal with after the first time. But from the perspective of the phenomenon, it also hurts the hearts of the people.
    of course, some people think that the sunscreen products do not meet the standards, or it may be due to the existence of a certain deviation in the inspection standards and methods. In fact, from this point of view, there may be a factors in this regard, but it is not enough to explain There is no problem with sunscreen products itself, and there are great considerations in this regard.

    At the same time, it is not only different in the test method, but also there are certain differences in management requirements. For labels, the SPF value of sunscreen products is higher than 30. However, many times it will cause some trouble to consumers.
    The spring of domestic sunscreen products is here? In fact, in recent years, some domestic sunscreen products have also made a certain breakthrough. Both the needs of various aspects have met different ages.
    So when some foreign products are questioned, it is also a certain opportunity for domestic. And when this incident appeared, many domestic friends also supported domestic goods. Therefore, under the influence of these backgrounds, domestic products have also won the favor of consumers.
    The cosmetics industry should have a certain high standard. From some local sunscreen brands, there are still a lot of tests that they have experienced.
    Whether it is quality and effect, it also requires a lot of improvement to have stronger competitiveness. However, individuals still believe that some domestic sunscreen products should appear new spring and wave.

    The beauty is the nature of everyone, and everyone should pursue, so whether you choose a product in any case, you must also have a certain consumption knowledge, do not pursue too much.
    The product that is suitable for you is the most important. At the same time, the phenomenon of unqualified quality of Korean sunscreen products is also believed to be just an example of this phenomenon, but also the alarm bell for dealers.

  3. I just looked at the news that this was a news report that happened in the neighbor South Korea. It is said that hundreds of consumers have reported 5 sunscreens for sunscreen products SPF, and urged relevant Korean departments to investigate clearly. These sunscreen supplies are highly popular Korean makeup brands in South Korea. They usually gather a large number of loyal fans. The quality of the previous products should have won the favor of many consumers. It may be very concerned about consumers who will buy.
    Korean makeup and Korean cosmetics have entered the country in the past few years. They have received a large number of consumers' welcome and support, and accumulated a large number of fans. These sunscreen products are also hot -selling products in China, so the news passed on to the country to board the hot search, and the readings of the news reached hundreds of millions of times. And because of this news, a large number of netizens supported the enthusiasm of domestic goods to love domestic goods. It seems to be a good thing. The main thing to buy sunscreen products is to look at the SPF sunscreen marked on the packaging. SPF sunscreen values ​​generally have 15 , 30 , 50 , and more professional and higher multiples of sunscreen products. For daily use, SPF15 and SPF30 are basically enough.
    The sunscreen index has to say UVA and UVB. UVA is long -wave ultraviolet rays, UVB is short -wave ultraviolet rays. UVA's penetration is much stronger than UVB. UVB cannot even penetrate the glass. Most of the UVBs are blocked when Yangguan penetrates the atmosphere. Most of the remaining in the ultraviolet rays are UVA, and the penetration power of UVA can reach the dermis layer. The remaining UVB can only reach the surface of the skin.

    uva and UVB's short -term damage to the skin are dark, sunburn, pain and blisters, and UVA can cause the skin to produce melanin deposition to produce pigmentation. Standing in the summer in the sun in about 25 minutes, the skin can be sunburned. Most of the sunscreens on the market are targeting UVB sunburn damage. SPF is the protection value that can prevent UVB damage.
    It, in addition to the umbrella, wearing a hat, and wearing a sunscreen sunscreen, the sunscreen is an essential item for summer. In addition to the SPF value, the sun protection product also has a PA value. SPF is a sunscreen index against UVB, and PA is the effective time length of against UVA. Take the sunscreen coefficient SPF50, the protection time of applying sunscreen is about 750 minutes, which is about 12 hours. There are several after the PA, that is, the longer the longer UVA is added, the longer, one can prevent about 4 hours. In theory, the greater the sun protection value, the better, but the sunscreen with SPF30 and PA daily is enough. If it is an outdoor worker, the higher the sunscreen index is better.
    I I do n’t like to use sunscreen. I have seen a news that if you want to really achieve the effect of sunscreen, a one -dollar coin -sized sunscreen does not play a sunscreen effect at all. So every summer, you can wipe your face, arms, and legs with a lot of sunscreen. Every time I saw me, I said that my face was brighter and fried cakes, and I could feel that my skin could not breathe anymore. Sweating can also rush sunscreen. So I threw all the sunscreen and no longer bought it, replaced with a hat and sunscreen. And I have read a news online, which means that sunscreen is polluted to the ocean. The sunscreen is full of chemical components. For too long in the seawater, sunscreen slowly dissolves in the seawater. These chemicals are a huge threat to marine creatures, especially corals, so they will say goodbye to sunscreen in this life.
    The sunscreen coefficient is so important, everyone is also recognizing the sun protection index, so the sunscreen SPF counterfeit incident is also an endless news website. The product sunscreen index does not meet the standards, and it is the simplest and most reliable fake method to raise the sunscreen index on the outer packaging. After all, not many people will have a way to verify whether the sun protection index is really up to standard.
    But there is such a more real person in society now. And as such problems are more and more explosive, the degree of attention of consumers pay more and more, and unified verification standards will be introduced faster and faster. The Internet has memory. The product that comes out of the scandal will allow consumers to give up for a lifetime.

  4. The original committee was because the user found these values ​​after buying these sunscreens, so it was directly reported by the user. This is a very correct approach.

  5. The indicators of these five sunscreens are deliberately enlarged, and the actual ingredients do not meet the requirements of the country's designated security. Therefore, the majority of netizens should polish their eyes while buying sunscreen, and carefully check the official genuine logo to prevent being deceived.

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