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  1. It is Tian Sheng ingot, and the price of Pupin Ping generally does not exceed 50 yuan!
    The price of Saint ingot Folding the second mother's money is higher!
    It like this:
    The high -definition picture to Baidu Post Bar Ancient coins, communicate with ancient coins, copper coins!
    This is the garden of Quanyou's display, communication, and interaction! Many first -tier experts are concentrated, knowing the price most!
    It can try it, maybe help!

  2. Tongbao's regular script folded "Tongbao" 30,000 yuan Taiping Heavenly Kingdom to occupy a lot of money for three years of drums when he occupied Nanjing in three years. CM weighs 27 grams, Tongbao, indicating that the treasure of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is the transitional coin, and the issuance time is very short. Later, it is renamed "Shengbao" and "Tongbao" money to destroy the money and cast Shengbao money. Therefore It is found that the area is only near Nanjing. ..
    The Kaita script of Tongguo Tongbao Folding Five Back "Shengbao" 230 yuan
    Hong Xiu is all in Nanjing in the three years of Xianfeng, and officially casts Taiping Heavenly money, coins, gold, silver, and lead iron, but copper coins are mainly divided into small flat money diameter 1.9 cm, weighing 2.2 grams, folding five yuan diameter 2.85 2.85 For centimeters, when the ten diameter is 3.8-- 4.2 cm, when the fifty diameter is 4.8--5.2 cm, the Qian Wen is mostly the Song style, and the second is the regular script. There are Tongbao and Shengbao. Compared with the early stages, it is very different. It is related to the national strength. It costs 33.5 cm and weighs 4,500 grams. , Backwen Saint Treasures are the most visible.
    The kingdom script of Taiping Heavenly Kingdoms Five Song Dynasty "Saint Treasure" 600 yuan
    The kingdom script of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Folding "Shengbao" 1100 yuan
    R N Taiping Heavenly Kingdom regular script "Shengbao" 120 yuan
    Theka folding "Shengbao" 500 yuan
    The Tu Ping Heavenly Kaishu Folding 20 "Shengbao" 650 yuan
    Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Kaishu Xiaoping's "Taiping" 150 yuan
    The Kaita Kai -script Xiaoping "Shengbao" 25 yuan
    The Taiping Heavenly Kaishu Xiaoping big sample "Shengbao" mother money 7000 yuan
    "Heavenly Kingdom" 220 yuan
    The Taiping Lishu Xiaoping "Shengbao" 2000 yuan
    Theka script of Taiping Heavenly King

  3. The general value of Tiansheng ingot is dozens of dollars. To the special value, you have to see the real thing that you have to find a professional Test Testing tool test tool for how much value.

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