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  1. In the Douyin Speed ​​Edition, users can basically exchanged for cash withdrawal, so how to operate? Interested players to see how the Douyin Speed ​​Edition exchanges gold coins to cash, don't miss it.
    How to exchanged gold coins to cash
    gold coins do not need to be manually redeemed, and automatically exchanged for cash every morning.
    The proportion of exchanges will change, about 10,000 gold coins = 1 yuan.
    The vibrato speed version, compared with, has smaller memory, saves traffic, and uses smooth use.
    At the same time, in the application screenshot, there are also words with small space, saving flow, and second installation.
    The dobbing speed version can see the menu bar at the bottom of the page shows "Homepage", "City", "Message", "I". Compared with the main product Douyin At the entrance, and there is no entrance to the live broadcast.
    Ip, that is, the current main function of Douyin Speed ​​Edition is watching short videos, and the relevant content of users watching is synchronized by Douyin of the main product.

  2. Generally speaking, the various types of APPs of the speed version, such as Baidu Speed ​​Edition, can only be automatically transformed into cash in the early morning and then meet a certain amount. Users can withdraw to their accounts.

  3. The gold coins of Baidu Speed ​​Version are generally exchanged for cash at 12 am, and sometimes delayed at the peak period.

  4. Many speed versions, such as Jingdong Polar Speed ​​Edition, Baidu Speed ​​Edition, Douyin Speed ​​Edition, Fast Speed ​​Edition, Today's Headline Speed ​​Edition, etc., I don’t know which one you are talking about. Amount

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