5 thoughts on “Stir -fry the short -term or make money in a long line”

  1. The short -term returns are large and very large. However, the risk is also strong. Generally, veterans with three or five years of stock trading can consider doing short -term. The short -term loss rate is very high. It is quite good to make three times to make money!

    The long line income is a little worse, but the income is stable and the risk is small. If you are a new shareholder, don't think about making a short -term.

    This, the short -term is "fast in and fast, watch the market at any time", you must stare at the market all day and find that the buying and selling points are found. Essence

  2. It is even more profitable to make long -term. Didn't he hear that someone had won two billion yuan in Moutai for a long time? Especially retail investors, do not look at the technical drawings for short -term, make small money for eight or nine times, and have no profit if they pay one or two times.
    , it depends on what you are good at doing. Some people feel good on the market and can make a lot of money. It is mainly fierce to do short -term. The kind of personality that is wrong to see the wrong judgment is best to make a long line.

  3. Good technology, make money in the short -term.
    The technology is not good, and long -term makes money. Do not analyze and make money.

    The first few in the financial world's civil contests are short -term main promotion, without long -term holdings.

  4. It has nothing to do with the long and short -term. The key is to eat for 5 minutes like technology and eat or eat for 2 hours? The key is that some people can eat more than eating 2 hours.
    The people who do n’t speculate in the short -term and the veterans are long -line. n

  5. This kind of thing is benevolent, and the wise is wise, and the words have always been attached; I can see that they can make money, the key is to get the law; the short -term operation is like a short -term, the operation of the operation is like a middle line. Lost!

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