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  1. On June 12, 2009, "Purcell" released by Shanghai Taomi Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a science fiction community development web game specially developed for Chinese children. This children's virtual community game developed by the original class of "Moore Manor" and developed for children aged 7-14, with the theme of health, happiness, exploration, and wisdom. Adventure virtual spacecraft "Purcell". "Children's Players" transformed into a brave robot Saier, becoming the owner of this virtual world, operating their own space energy exploration robots to participate in space travel, looking for new energy on the earth, studying and training alien elves, doing SPT pioneer tasks, and also It can be developed and produced by Shanghai Taomi Network Technology Co., Ltd., which can be completed by completing tasks, mining, and collecting gas. This web game is based on the new energy of exploring space

    game wallpapers (13 photos)
    as the theme. Each child participates in the entire wonderful space journey through controlling his little Saier Essence "Purcell", a virtual community, is more in line with the habits of people under the age of 14, and integrates colorful elves to collect confrontation elements, making the entire community more theme and deeper. The slogan of Purcell is similar to the Moore Manor: "Ying Yong Sail, Smart Childhood", accurately described the meaning of this game.

    The brief Introduction to the Purcell (4 photos)
    Edited the background of the story of this paragraph
    In 2100, the earth's non -renewable resources face exhaustion, and the problem of environmental pollution has seriously threatened human life. As a result, human beings designed robotic Sel, let it take human dreams and go to other galaxies to find more and better resources, and march towards the depths of the universe! [2]
    In the game background of this paragraph
    sered the SEER-Space Energy Robot
    In order to find a better living environment, to explore better energy materials, scientists have begun the race. Research on Robotic Robots. This is a scientific research group that combines all outstanding scientists around the world. The United Nations provides them with the best research environment and the richest environmental resources. With the attention of countless eyes around the world, Purcell was born, bringing the wings of hope and dreams. People changed the first year to the first year of Purcell to remind everyone that the universe exploration was far away. [3]
    sered the Purcell spacecraft
    Sel is the pioneer exploration ship developed based on the characteristics of the Purcell robot. In 39 years of Purcell, the birth of Mars in the Energy of Alien System. This is the Purcell. For the first time, the mission was performed to go to the Milky Way third -rotary armband Panorian galaxy for natural mineral mining and wild elves. The Purcell spacecraft structures include: Captain Room, Watching Room, Watching Tietai, Instructor Room, Transportation Room, Invention Room, Power Room, Machinery Room, Laboratory, Data Room, Honor Hall. [3]

    sered spacecraft
    The Star crew committee committee
    is the only management agency of the Purcell, which is responsible for the management of the entire Purcell crew. Each robot Purcell must abide by the rules and regulations formulated by the Star crew committee. Of course, the committee will also protect each robot Purcell and his elves who can be happy and happy in the Purcell. When the player finds that there is illegal acts in the Purcell, or the player has any suggestions for the Purcell, please contact the Star crew management office of the Purcell as soon as possible. [4]
    Slog log
    sered the most important information of Purcell's sailing logs in time. "Voyage Log" is the most authoritative, most comprehensive and most rich communication communication on the Purcell. "Log" has a group of reporters born from Purcell, and there are countless writing Purcell who are good at writing, sharing the happy memories of themselves with the elf, and their adventure on unknown planets. It can be said that "Log" was autonomously created by the crew of the entire Purcell. [4]
    sered Purcell
    Sere on the Purcell, you can buy the base equipment of the robot Saier, battle props, base equipment, etc. When the player becomes a member of the Purcell, Slim -sailing robot Sissi will give away players 2000 Purcell beans. The crew obtained more Purcell beans by collecting energy raw materials for Purcell and participating in Purcell activities. In addition, there is another kind of gold beans, which is a currency for buying some special props. [5]
    sered Purcell Base
    Sels to prepare their own base for each robot. Essence [5]
    The elves

    Sel Elves (18 pieces)
    The birth of the elves: 10 years of Purcell, the Exploration of Mars Port for alien energy is just established. When the Purcell explored the Renma γ dual stars, we found a special creature that we called them as an alien elf. Scientists analyze and domesticate alien elves, and cultivate these elves into loyal partners of Purcell. Therefore, in the bumpy long interstellar journey, the elves accompanied by Purcell to help them overcome difficulties and assist them in completing various mission; and under the careful care of Purcell, growth and evolution became the strongest in the universe's strongest in the universe. Powerful soldiers. [6]
    Wild elves: difficulties and surprises coexist, danger and resources are in the same place. To discover, domestication, and training have become our helping assistant. [6]
    Energy collection
    The energy system of the Purcell spacecraft consists of three parts: one is the nuclear reaction system; the other is the energy conversion system, that is, solar energy in the traditional sense, but now uses other stars The light energy and thermal energy; the third is the resource replacement system. Among them, the third part of the energy system was developed in order to collect alien resources. It can be uniformly converted into a compressed energy package similar to a battery and brought back to the earth. The main work of the "Purcell" is to collect resource collection on each planet, and put the collected resources into the "resource replacement system", which can be rewarded by Purcell beans. . [7]
    The pioneer SPT (Seer Pioneer Team)
    The task of members of the Pioneer is higher than all tasks to ensure the safety of the Purcell. The members of the pioneer must be Purcell's eyes and ears, and they must be vigilant at danger. They are the core of all Purcell crews, and they are helpful for the need and difficulty to ensure the safety and happiness of everyone. There will be many challenging tasks during the Sail sailing process. The captain will notify the pioneers as soon as possible, and then it will look at them. Now SPT has become a section that challenges the BOSS elves and obtains the elves. A total of ten. [8]
    sered the Purcell Elf Training Camp
    Seres to gain accumulation experience by completing the daily elves training tasks. Now in order to encourage players to go online on weekends, the experience of the weekend is ten times (limited to 3 main elves, such as small fire monkeys, inflammation monkeys, etc., including 3 main fusion elves).
    Edit this paragraph of virtual currency
    Purcell gold beans
    m coin
    park tokens [5]
    R N Featured 1: It is a children's game that integrates science, unity, entertainment, mutual assistance, and adventure.
    The power of solidarity
    In on the Purcell, it is found that friends who are playing in the community together will be on the Purcell. R n -game screenshots (13 photos)
    Is unknown universe to learn together and make progress together. Children will find that everyone has advantages and disadvantages. In order to give full play to the team spirit, they can play their own strengths. Cooperation is the happiest thing. Team battle and teams allow children to fully experience the joy of cooperation. [9]
    The scientific game
    Sel is the spacecraft of the future world. It integrates advanced science and technology in one. Grasp the scientific knowledge on the Purcell to become a qualified crew. The games are based on physics, chemistry, and natural knowledge. In game entertainment, children have enlightened the influence of scientific knowledge, so that he can make him easier and more willing to accept in future learning. [9]
    The theme of environmental protection
    The birth of the Purcell is due to the depletion of the earth's resources. Each adventure of the Purcell is to find richer and more appropriate resources, and at the same time, we must resist expectation of dominant energy. The pirate group, let children know how to cherish energy and protect the environment from an early age. At the same time, letting children know how to make reasonable use of resources is not only the conversion of thought, but also to give the child guidance. The number of mineral mining in the game is limited, which reflects the theme of sustainable development. [9]
    The unique equipment
    E every robotic Purcell can replace the equipment tools on its own, suitable for different planet environment and task requirements. Children can use different equipment combinations to enter the mysterious area of ​​the planet and learn to use appropriate tools, which will be an important experience for children. These equipment can also be used as a dress to make children dress themselves into a robot with full personality. [9]

    Sle gaming interface
    Mazting the elves
    During the Sa from Space, children can collect their own elves on each planet, choose how many of them, how many of them are Only training and training, let it learn to fight skills, compare the value and consider attributes to defeat the enemy. In the process, children need to find directions, choose, complete judgment, and eventually achieve their own goals. For children, elves battle is a systematic thinking training. [9]
    Featured 2: Pay special attention to the safety and health of the game
    sered a complete anti -addiction system. Through the limited time open strategy, only the time period for children to access the Internet (6: 00-24: 00, and 6: 00-22: 00 on Thursday), the rest of the time will be banned from logging in directly. Controlling the Internet time, exceeding the time limit will not continue to fight elves to prevent children from addiction, but tasks and mineral mining can continue. Information filter blocks bad information, effectively intercept ads and information that is not suitable for children. Purcell opened the ban on service zone, and customized a safe chat zone for children. The robots in this area of ​​the robot

    It the communication between the ancient inflammation beasts (7 photos)
    will only be performed through the preset fast language and expressions. Avoid the spread of bad information at all. Strict real -time monitoring mechanisms, real -time monitoring and publishing bad information, advertising information, use of third -party procedures (plug -in) behaviors and any ways to affect the lives of other children's crew members will be permanently expelled from the Purcell. Convenient reporting measures to protect the green and safety of Purcell. [10]
    Featured three: Create a safe, green, pure, and beautiful Internet park for children
    accompanied by problems such as "Internet addiction" and "network security", the Internet has become a social problem that cannot be ignored Essence Children are the owners of the earth in the future and need to listen to children's voices. The Internet is a pass for future human globalization. It is urgently needed to cultivate high -quality children's Internet environment and ensure children's information security. For children's health and happiness, for children's health on the Internet, care about children's physical and mental health, and urgently need social, schools, and families to create a beautiful reality and online living environment for children, allow children to cultivate independence on the Internet at the same time. The excellent quality of self -confidence also increases knowledge during happy entertainment rest. [11-12]
    In the Convention on the crew of this paragraph
    E each crew of each Purcell must adhere to the following rules:
    respecting others
    , Bullying and other uncivilized behaviors. The above behavior will be punished directly.
    The best way to protect yourself
    The best way to go online is to never tell others the real name, phone number, family address, email and Mimi password.
    It prohibited words
    The words about tobacco, alcohol, pornography, violence and other unsuitable words are completely banned in the Purcell.
    Stch -away from plug -in
    Stin -prohibit using any third party plug -in program. Once discovered, it was permanently expelled from Purcell. [13]
    In the rest mechanism of this paragraph
    to protect the physical and mental health of children in order to protect the children's physical and mental health (the battery time will not be able to fight after use). The latest details are as follows:
    each each time From Monday to Thursday, the battery time is 5 hours. (Two hours before the two hours of experience double learning ability)
    The battery time is 5 hours every Friday to Sunday. (Back three hours of experience double learning ability) [14]
    , some players have more than one account.
    Edit this section of maintenance measures
    Every 45 minutes, mechanic Qian Qian will take 1 minute of maintenance for you. This is the problem of declining vision to prevent children from staring at the computer for a long time.
    Edit this section of the star scene

    Panori galaxy
    Kalan galaxy n Roger galaxy
    Edit this paragraph of the elves
    currently a total of 17 single attributes and 27 dual attributes.
    S single attribute
    The elves will be weak (× 0.5) or normal (× 1) for most of this department, but the dragon and shadow system are effective (double).
    17 single attributes:


    The attack effect restraint

    The attack effect

    is invalid attack invalid

    The attack effect

    The attack effect is weak

    n water-ground-light

    Flying-Fire-Machinery-Holy Spirit


    Flying-fire-ice-Holy Spirit n



    - n
    Holy Spirit



    n Mystery-Mystery- Holy Spirit

    The ground

    ground-mysterious-Holy Spirit

    n- r


    n n
    n- n
    Floor-Holy Spirit



    Ultra-Shadow-Dragon-Holy Spirit-Grass


    n mysterious-flight



    Ice-Super Energy-Shadow-Grass-Flying

    n Holy Spirit- Water-Fire-Machinery


    Battle-Dragon-Holy Spirit-Fire-Machinery





    Dragon-Holy Spirit-Machinery-Ice
    Shadow-Super Energy

    In flight -Morne-Super Energy

    Mysterious-Holy Spirit

    n Super Energy



    n dragon
    n Holy Spirit- Ice

    n battle

    R n mysterious

    The Holy Spirit

    The ground-battle
    n super
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n The Holy Spirit

    Super energy-shadow
    n The Holy Spirit-Ice
    R n


    n Battle-Dragon-Mystery




    It -stop flight, mechanical, super -ice dark shadow ice, electricity, shadow
    dual attribute
    needs to be supplemented.
    Grass super energy
    dragon water
    ground machinery
    water shadow n icy light
    iced shadow n fire fighting n ground battle n R N Fire Super Energy
    The light flight
    Shadow floor
    ultra -energy ice
    Seriously balance

    Elves of each department (9 photos)
    shy balance
    R n Stubborn attack-Special Attack
    This attack-Special Defense
    Lares Defense-Agility
    Fantastic defense-special defense
    timidity-attack agile n irritability-defense agility n open agile-special attack
    true agile Attack special attack
    stability-defense special attack
    calm agility

    n Calm-Attack Special Defense
    Damamment attack-Special Defense
    arrogance special defense
    Careful-special attack special defense [15]
    R n Main strip: Purcell Elf
    Edit this segment of rare elf
    only part.
    Kai Nu
    Capture location: Task exchange
    Capture method: Kai Nu is not a wild elf and cannot capture. Purcell Kaine has accumulated

    Kai Nu
    has been redeemed for redeem by

    Capture location: Event obtaining (out of print)
    Capture method: Participate in the Summer Training Plan of Mars Port, you need to recharge from July 16th to September 3rd One month's super nono can only participate in special training essence.
    Activity time: July 16th-September 3rd
    1. During the event period, users will open or renew the ultra-renewal NONO one month will be qualified to participate in the Mars Port Special Training Plan

    2. The qualifications will be qualified and will receive special training essence. Each person has only one
    3. Take Gerald to the Ying Payne Forts to find the "Legion" to download the training program to get 2000 Point accumulation experience
    4. Get the qualification to enter the special training room of the Yingpenen Fortress, team challenged Gerald to gain 3 times experience
    Tiger king
    Coloning method: 2009 to open a one -time opening super energy in 2009 NONO can get Xunya Tiger in one year (12 months), and the Thin Tiger has evolved into a tiger king. (Note: The event is over now.)

    The king of Tiger
    In Raiders: In 2009, the one -time ultra -energy NONO obtained the essence of the essence and obtained the elves after incubation.
    Inned location: the tower of the brave

    Coloning method: you can get rewards through 70 layers of the brave tower — the elves dumb N
    Capture location: Challenge the Tower of the Brave

    The method of obtaining: challenge the tower of the brave, the reward after defeating the 60 -layer elves.
    about Vanza
    Capture location: Exchange the elves

    about Fanza
    Capture method: It was redeemed through the medal of the Elf Master Cup. 100 medals of water systems, grass systems, fire systems, electricity systems, and combat signs each can be exchanged for elves Josi.
    The hot mouse
    Capture location: Exchange Elf

    The hot mouse
    Capture method: By participating in the Fire Elf Master Cup, it comes to exchange.
    The ancient fish dragon
    The ancient fish dragons
    In obtaining location: May 28th to June 25th, it was obtained by recharging super nono, incubation was obtained. (Note: This elf has been out of print, and now the recharge cannot be obtained)
    The capture method: Purcell Baby carp is obtained by the super energy NONO who recharges for half a year. After the evolution of the baby carp became an ancient fish dragon.
    Pukan beast
    Capture location: Volcanic Star Two Floor
    Capture Raiders: Before defeating the ancient god beasts in the volcanic star cave, you can get the fire essence. It is worth noting that it must be far

    Pukan beast
    Per arowana can be killed. In other words, no ancient arowana cannot be obtained.
    Alidala capture method: How does the Purcell Moonlight beast catch? In fact, the moonlight beast cannot be caught directly. It must ask Purcell to have "moon cakes" to get it.

    Alidala capture location: So how do you get "moon cake"? In fact, it needs to be obtained for three months.
    Fighting Liye
    Capture Location: Hakar Star
    Capture strategy: Coming to the second layer of flash of Hecar Star will often appear in the position of the figure below! Flash Lyrum is not difficult to catch

    This flashes
    , ordinary capsules can also be captured. Flash benefits will not escape. You can rest assured to capture.
    Fighting Green
    Capture Location: Luxio Star
    Capture strategy: Flash Green only appears at the hottest at noon! The time is between 2 o'clock-3 o'clock, the little Purcells they want to go to the Purcell to see it at this time!

    This Green
    This Green only appeared 5 to 10 minutes at 14 noon. Rales alternately. The capture success rate is relatively low, and it will escape after 5 rounds. (However, the flash Green captured this method has been out of print)
    The latest flash Green gain method: After entering the wheel space of destiny, 5 flashes of the flash, draw card capture in the mysterious flash space.
    Fighting Niel
    This Niel's acquisition method:
    Colidation location: Esfeia Shining Pippi fusion into purple Yuanshenzhu incubation after incubation.
    Capture strategy: It is best to brush the teeth fish if you catch Niel. It may be encountered), it will appear at level 16, it will appear at the beginning, and it will run away. Preparation: Level 16 or above than the higher the level (the higher the level, the better), first use the hand to show mercy, let its physical strength 1, usually two rounds, then use 2 ordinary capsules, and then a intermediate level. This is a intermediate. After catching it, Neil will run away after 8 rounds. Put it into the elf bag from the super energy system of the elves to restore physical strength, OK!
    Fighting Yiyi
    Capture location: Like the flash Green, only the hottest time of the day, the flash Yiyi between 2 and 3 o'clock will appear!

    Fighting Yiyi
    The capture method: Purcell Flash Yiyi likes to eat cooing worms, only at 14: 00-15: 00 pm Pay attention to time.
    Fighting skin
    Fighting skin: Golden shining shining shiny skin, white skin, golden earrings, and elegant and noble reveal a strong attack signal. Elegant beauties need to wait, let alone the magical flashing skin. I patiently look forward to its appearance ...

    flashing skin
    Catch glittering leather:
    The first training method
    In the server with fewer individuals, enter the Klos planet.
    The hard -to -value, brush the skin, and see if there is a flashing skin on the right side of the yellow essence. If there is any, it will be captured. It does not continue to practice ... It is usually half an hour, and it is not brought out for 2 hours.
    The second special grasp of flashing pippi
    In the server with few personalities and enter the KLS planet.
    In first, see if there is a flashing skin on the right side of the gold mine. If not, go back to the base, and then go to the KLS. I do n’t go back to the base. This is repeated.
    If luck, you can brush out 2-3 times. If you are not lucky, let's take about half an hour.
    After grabbing the flashing skin, retreat the server, and select a new server with fewer people and enter the KLS planet. Repeat the above steps. If you caught it again, retreat, and then select another new server.
    Sinch Parker
    Capture location: Exchange the elves

    Sinch Pak
    Capture method: Sinch Parker was obtained through the Master Cup of the Masters of the Cao Department, and 100 grass requires 100 grass. The remaining four types of the brand brand can be exchanged for.
    Edit this section of the fusion elf
    This: Purcell fusion elf
    Edit this paragraph breeding elf
    Main strip: male and female elf n
    ar elves n R n
    C female elf

    The second -generation elves


    Green Mao Ball


    n grid
    n Mina


    Edit this segment SPT task
    Stage SPT task
    The order of team BOSS is arranged.
    Mushroom monsters
    Main strip: Mushroom Monster
    Steel tooth shark
    Main strip: Steel Shark
    The fourth item)
    M: Akhia
    Main strip: Titas n Rey
    n Main Strip: Rey (second meaning)

    Main strip: Nadori
    Main strip: Renado (third meaning)
    Main strip: Yonas (second meaning)
    Magic Lion Delu
    Main strip: Clefen
    Main entry: Aga (second meaning)
    Main entry: Gaia (third meaning)

    Gaia r r
    Main strip: Hamoret

    Hamrett (10 photos)
    Main strip: Taxia
    Main strip: Taklin
    Main entry: Sprint (the third item)
    Main bar: Cruise (second meaning)
    Main entry: Lawkmond
    : Coranite
    Main entry: Murda (eighth item)
    Main strip: KFC
    Aaron Si
    Main entry: Alens
    Main strip: Di Fort
    Main strip: Black (sixth meaning)
    n Minos
    Main strip: Minos (sixth meaning)
    Main strip: Pittzaro n Dark Night Ice Fox
    Main main Strip: Dark Night Ice Fox
    Main entry: Seville (second meaning)
    Seville playing:

    First, we have just K finished purple dragon ~ I realize a little feeling ~ Now let's tell everyone ~ Sanlong to strengthen the three dragons ~ first kill Tucker, burn is effective for Tuckerlin ~ The heart of the ocean is effective for purple dragons ~ burn burns ~ burn Frozen parasites have no effect on purple dragon ~ The soul song has no effect ~ I am the most desperate in seconds. If you find that the purple dragon returns blood ~ Use the heart of the ocean ~ Zilong's blood will change again! After K Wan Taclin and the leftmost dragon ~ a heart of putting the ocean ~ the rest of the reinforcement can be killed. The purple dragon is thick, so it has more medicine ~ It is best to have two meat shields.
    . The magic flame orangutan 4 seconds of kill
    The first seconds of Taklin
    in the last purple dragon in Tasia.
    is so simple
    This people cut to death twice
    best to have a meat shield water system. (Burning, frostbite, poison powder) Elf. The three teammates in the queue are as much as possible with the meat shield as possible. R n1: First of all, use three attribute skills. Solve Taklin. It is recommended to discuss one of the first three people to avoid duplication. The two people in the latter will produce high -attack belts and 2 attacks. . Eat the heart of the ocean.
    2: After solving Taklin, first focus on Taxia, and then deal with Seville, Taxia and Seville to attribute skills (burn, frostbite, poison powder). Not tried. Parasites did not try. Eating the heart of the ocean.
    The three -line elves such as Taxia and Seville, the first three teammates and other three -line elf were hung out of Bruce or Bollinger to use the heart of the ocean. Later, two teammates were bombarded with big moves. BUG, after Tucker hangs up. It seems that the vitality medicine will fail, so be sure to pay attention to good skills)
    Puel: After the first three teammates, Bruce should be kept as follows and hold it. Drinking blood. As long as you don't die), protect the two teammates in the back.
    Earn Purcell beans. [1]
    see: Purcell SPT task

  2. It is best not to play Purcell: Purcell, how familiar and interesting this is, do you remember? Yingyong Sail, the title of Wisdom Childhood, Purcell, once gave us too much laughter and too many fun. It has gradually full of fun to the planet of the planet, but it is conceivable that with the loss of years, as the years of loss, the loss, Tao Mi, that is, the group of Creation, gradually changed. He made the games that could make children laugh anymore. Why? It has changed, and it has become too much. Everyone seems to feel that Tao rice and began to prefer money. He began to squeeze the money of our children regardless of everything. Mi seems to have responded, or still carry out their original plans, remember? Do you think of it? The Tiger King, the ancient fish dragon, the ancient inflammation beast, the basalt, Tao Mi is the characteristics of we want to have a super eligible, and step by step to think of our evil palms, especially the basalt. Have you heard of it? Someone defeated Xuanwu, but no one could predict that Xuanwu was an elf who had no use at all. I did n’t get it, but the parents paid for 500 yuan made by their parents. Some people said that Taomi was black rice. They asked us almost every week. The unreasonable change, the heartbroken is mad, the Purcell, once a mini -game that made me fooled, but I think, now, no longer, the Purcell has changed. . Oh ...

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