If I got the money to Alipay ... How can the other party complain about the other party?

I heard that the money in the virtual game currency in Alipay will move to the other party within three days. If I have made money to Alipay, the other party does not give the virtual game coin. Essence Essence In this way, my virtual gaming currency hasn't received money or gone?

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  1. upstairs. Wrong! Virtual ones such as calls, game coins, etc., which are automatically available for three -day default, are very simple. Taobao is guaranteed to buyers and sellers. After your Alipay pays the payment, the seller will ship the goods. After receiving the goods, you confirm the same, and then go to Alipay to the payment before the seller can receive the money. If you change the transaction status and ship the goods after the payment is made, but it is actually not shipped. If it is virtual delivery, the general virtual item should be half an hour after the payment, one hour, up to 2 hours, Essence If the landlord has not received it for 2 hours, and the seller changes the transaction status, you can click on Taobao directly, click on the baby you have bought, find this transaction, then refunds , Full refund, the seller's false delivery of these options, submitted. If the seller does not refuse your refund application within the specified time, the money will return to your own account. If the seller refuses your refund application, Taobao will ask the seller to show the delivery voucher. Virtual game currency will also have transactions and the like. The seller can provide anything, or if it is not in line with reality, Taobao will return the money to you! After the refund is successful, you can also complain that the seller will not sell it. To punish such a garbage scammer! Remember to adopt my answer!

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