2 thoughts on “How much is the amount of WeChat red envelopes?”

  1. can not be seen. The expired WeChat red envelope, if you click on, you will prompt that "the red envelope has been returned" without displaying the amount.

    The introduction:
    1, WeChat red envelope is an application launched by TX's product WeChat on January 27, 2014. It can achieve red envelopes, check records and withdrawals. On April 14, 2014, "Android mobile phone users only need to scan the red QR code appearing around with WeChat, successfully install other application software through Tencent Application Bao to receive WeChat red envelopes. Receive the funds in WeChat red envelopes, and there are not a few users who are not withdrawn because the amount of red envelopes is small. It is understood that the number of red envelopes of groups is 100 yuan, and less than 1 yuan. , Naturally, choose to make it precipitated. Some users just use this as the New Year's event. The festival is lively and does not want to have follow -up behaviors.
    3, some users do not know that the WeChat red envelope is a real RMB, thinking that it comes to grab the coming, and thinks that it is rushing to come. The red envelope is a virtual currency similar to Q coins. In addition, binding bank cards can receive red envelopes, which makes some users feel uneasy. Can bank cards unbind and whether they will encounter red envelopes of fishing. User delay red envelopes.

  2. Do you mean someone sent it? If you are not checked, you can know it
    It if you are snatched and look at the red envelope, there is one of the red envelopes -see everyone's handsomeness, you know the amount of this red envelope. If you want to look at your grabbing red envelope or send, or wallet, I have a wallet at the last icon of WeChat. There is a red envelope on the right of the WeChat red envelope to see the red envelope you sent and you Received red envelopes.

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