1 thought on “Can the intermediary say that if the commission returns, can I call the police?”

  1. Yes, if there is a related agreement or evidence at the beginning, you can choose to call the police or report it to the real estate agency.
    Although the agency rebate is wrong, the intermediary has promised you to give you a commission, but now it will not give you anymore. This is deceived you. If you want to get a commission, you can complain to this intermediary to the head office and let the head office leader solve the problem.
    It, you can also call the police, because the rebate is illegal. You can collect relevant evidence, such as chat records, recording, etc., submit these evidence to the police, and ask them to check this intermediary company Essence However, it is also very bad to do this. It is best to take a peaceful way to solve the problem. Do not involve the third party.
    The characteristics
    Real estate intermediary activities are mainly through various information and consultation, relying on the various professional knowledge owned by professionals in real estate intermediaries, rely on their unique organizational organizations, special activities and ways and methods. Methods to provide professional services for various subjects in the real estate market, so it is very different from ordinary real estate development and operations and real estate transaction activities. Real estate intermediary services have the following characteristics.
    1. Real estate intermediary activities are serviceability of content. Real estate agencies are business activities that provide various types of information, consulting, valuation, and agency services. The product of this industry is service, the quality and level of service marks the quality and level of the product.
    The throughout the service, intermediaries do not possess goods nor currency. They mainly rely on their own professional knowledge, technology, and labor services to provide intermediary agents and related services to various real estate departments.
    2. Real estate intermediary activities have the characteristics of non -continuity and liquidity. When real estate agencies provide services to customers, they form the relationship between intermediaries and clients, that is, the relationship between service and service. This relationship is not long -term and fixed, but a contract reached on something. Relations, once this service is completed, the original contract relationship is also lifted, that is, the entrusted service is terminated.
    The real estate intermediary agencies will then establish a new service and service relationship with other clients. This characteristic of real estate intermediary services is likely to cause two types of problems:
    . One is to cause some real estate intermediary agencies to ignore their responsibilities. In the process of providing short -term services, they use commissions as their sole purposes. Damage to the interests of the client.
    It, in the case of fierce competition in the intermediary industry, the commissioner deliberately harmed the interests of the intermediary because the intermediary and the commissioner usually lack the possibility of long -term cooperation. As a result, the time and energy of its investment cannot be compensated, and the commission of the agent cannot be fulfilled by the default of the developer's breach of contract.

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