How much illegal returning commission is more illegal

How much illegal returning commission is more illegal

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  1. How much does the house buying and selling commissions exceed the law
    The maximum charging is 3%(including the commission of the buyers and sellers). If the improving the charging standard is a price illegal act, the price inspection agency shall be punished in accordance with relevant regulations. The agency fee is not set, and the market is determined that the owner can still bargain. Taking a large -scale intermediary in Beijing as an example, its standard intermediary fee is 2%, the special will float 10%, plus 0.5%of the guarantee fee. The total cost is between 2.5%-2.7%. Regarding the standards for intermediary services: The agency fees of the general agent do not exceed 2.5%of the transaction amount, and the exclusive agent shall not exceed 3%. The new version of the demonstration text provides projects and standards related to the service costs, suggesting that the parties can agreed and charged the intermediary service fees according to different stages of the intermediary service process, so that the intermediary charges are transparent to safeguard the legal interests of buying and selling parties.
    "Provisions of the Management of Insurance Agent" stipulates that the insurance agent is engaged in insurance agency business and shall not change the insurance terms without authorization and increase or reduce the insurance rate. Every life insurance agent in Shanghai signed a "Integrity Service Promise", which specifically promised "not returning to customers." According to this commitment, the agent is responsible for his own exhibition industry, and anyone can complain to the agent who returned to the insurance association. According to the seriousness of the circumstances, the illegal agent will be punished to varying degrees. Light criticize education, and the qualifications of the employment are 1-3 years. Those with particularly serious circumstances will be banned into the insurance industry for life. When the agent returned naked to the customer, he was actually a huge risk of being revoked. This is a behavior that is irresponsible to himself. Design and after -sales service is responsible. In addition, if a large amount of commission is returned to the customer, the actual income of the agent must be much lower than that of other agents

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