Cristiano Ronaldo's revenue is $ 105 million. How much commission can his agent Mendes get?

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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo, an older player, a few years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo had to go down to the peak to become the main theory of many media, but his agent, who has always been accompanied by Ronaldo's long -term Montez, never thought so He knew Cristiano Ronaldo's potential and value. In 2020, Ronaldo's annual revenue was as high as $ 105 million, becoming the second athlete in the world, and Mendes proved that his vision was no problem. SO, the question is, Ronaldo's annual revenue is as high as $ 105 million. How much commission can his agent Mendes get? So, I also ask Zhujun to listen to me down.

    c The story of Luo and Mendes

    Montes was born in 1966. He was also a professional player, but the highest level of Montez's career was Portugal in Portugal Picking in the second league. In 1995, Mendes retired and began to convert the burgers and nightclubs. During the operating nightclub, Mendes knew Santo because he successfully helped Santou to join Lacouonia in La Liga with 2.5 million euros. Although Montez did not make a lot of money, he realized that he could use his agent Back to football.

    c Ronaldo and Mendes were only 17 years old when they met. At that time, Ronaldo was just a talented boy with good talents in Lisbon. Mendes was very optimistic about Cristiano Ronaldo. In his work, he became the agent of Ronaldo. In order to make Cristiano Ronaldo, Mendes was really painstakingly. He used a series of mockery Maradona's remarks to tout Ronaldo's remarks to attract the theme of the media. Montez was fame, and Ronaldo, who was concerned about In 2003, the 18 -year -old Ronaldo transferred to Manchester United with 19 million euros. From that moment, Ronaldo and Mendes were only tied together. How good is Cristiano Ronaldo and Mendes? When Montez was married, Ronaldo even sent a small island worth $ 3 million as a gift.

    c Ronaldian revenue is as high as 105 million US dollars. How much commission can his agent Mendes get?

    Mimes how much commission can Makers make from Ronaldo? The first is that Ronaldo's salary is 54 million euros in the previous annual salary of Ronaldo. Generally, the agent's commission ratio is 2.75%. That is to say, in terms of Ronaldo's commission, Mendes can earn 1.48 million euros.

    Moly accompanied Ronaldo, the commission is only 1.48 million euros, is this too little? Of course, this is not all the commissions made by Minds on Ronaldo. As everyone knows, most of the players' annual salary rely on the player's own strength to fight, so the commission is not high, but more rely on the agent in terms of commercial value development, so the commission of this part is as high as 15%-20%, C. How much is Luo's commercial income? To achieve mathematical problems, Ronaldo's annual income was US $ 105 million, deducting 54 million euros, and Ronaldo's endorsement revenue was 32.9 million euros, which means that Mendes can draw about 6 million euros in this regard.

    In summary, Montez's commission that can earn more than 7 million euros (equivalent to 55.42 million) in Ronaldo's Fortune, because of the success of Ronaldo, today Mendes is already a top agent. With the help of Ronaldo, Mendes signed Pepe, Falcao, J Luo, Di Maria, Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego · Costa, Renato Sansez, Edson, Joan Felix, Mourinho, Mourinho and others, the most crazy time, the 23rds of Portugal team, 17 The player is a player of Mendes, and this is the greatest wealth for Cristiano Ronaldo to Mendes.

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