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  1. Lingling's special effects CG technology action uses false true Mr. GO as the first virtual role created by pure CG on the Asian screen. The difficulty coefficient of its birth process is equivalent to the production of a large blockbuster. As early as the film was filmed, the key members of the director and the crew made a special trip to the Ueno Zoo in Japan to learn about the gorilla's living habits and expression. Animation to form a complete set of action references. The crew analyzed all the orangutan videos that could be found on the Internet. Based on this, MRGO's action modeling was improved. Before the film was officially started, the crew had established a huge and perfect animation material. In addition, before the start of the filming, two action capture actors had been trained for more than a year. They wore nodes capture suit of the internal gyroscope every day, learned and imitated every move of orangutans. In the end they laughed and said they "passed. It is entirely the day of the orangutan. "The technicians responsible for the action capture recorded all their actions in the computer, and generated a set of databases to integrate the results of the CG animators, giving MRGO a real super vitality.

    mr.go: Lingling, Virgo, AB type, love baseball and grass, mild personality, lively and cheerful, good health, it is a virtual gorilla, which takes 4 years from the 300 -person technical team to 4 years. Development. It is a mixed China and South Korea. The favorite is bananas. The most afraid of kimchi is the most afraid of. It is worth 1.2 billion won, about 6.7 million yuan. So don't want to see it without money! It officially signed the Huayi brothers on May 6, 2013, and the Huayi brothers will also create a series of movies for it. Its virgin work cooperates with the favorite Wei Wei (Xu Jiao) -"Daming Gorilla" on July 18, 2013.

  2. Not using CG technology. (CG is an abbreviation of English Computer Graphics, which refers to the use of computer technology for visual design and production. It includes both technology and art, and almost covers all visual art creation activities using computer technology, such as graphic design, web design, three -dimensional three -dimensional Animation, film and television special effects, multimedia technology, and building design design of computer -assisted design. Now the concept of CG is expanding, and a considerable economic industry has been formed. When we mention CG Design, game software, animation, comics.)

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