5 thoughts on “What is the use of QQ browser's book beans? how to use?”

  1. QQ browser's book beans are used to sell boutique books, and 1 yuan can get 10 book beans.
    This Dou's acquisition method:
    In the mobile phone Baidu, log in to Baidu account
    back to Baidu homepage, check the novel you read and the novel that joins the library n "View the complete bookshelf", "Congratulations to Obtaining 6 Book Beans" will pop up in the bookshelf
    Click on the upper right corner of the screen with the icon marked by the red circle
    The page that is opened is a novel account. "
    Click to sign in, and the opening will show" Congratulations to get 8 books beans "
    Book beans recharge method:
    can enter the recharge page of the novel reading network. Book beans
    Customer service staff conduct artificial recharge book beans.
    Book beans are a virtual currency provided by Novel Reading Network. The measurement unit is: 1 yuan = 100 book beans. It can consume novels to read all services that need to be charged online. For each consumption, the novel reading network system will deduct the corresponding number of book beans.

  2. Book beans are used to read a chapter that requires payment. You find the page of the novel in the QQ browser, and then read the book. If this book has a chapter that needs to be paid, but you want to continue to read, then you buy this on you. During the paid chapter, Shu Dou will deduct it by itself

  3. QQ browser's book beans are used to buy novels. On the QQ browser homepage, read the novel you want to read, and then read the paid chapter to use the book beans to buy

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