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  1. Why go to authenticate the six Sigma black belt?
    1. No matter which industry, Six Sigma is required:
    Is Sixigma is one of the few tools and methodologies that can be applied to all walks of life. Although the invention of Liusigma began in the manufacturing industry and used to improve the production process, there are also their processes in various industries. Six Sigma can effectively analyze the input of the process, thereby improving and optimizing the output, and all walks of life are also effective.
    2, more than others for management positions:
    The six Sigma project is a tool for teamwork. The green belts and black belts of Liusigma are the leaders of the project. Moreover, in the process of promoting the six Sigma, they need to evaluate and analyze the company's current status, KPI, and problems faced to find out the opportunity to improve. In the process, they will become the leader of the company's goals. In the process of DMAIC, they need to lead a team to define problems, analyze data, formulate strategies, evaluate risks, change existing process systems, etc., and naturally establish various management capabilities and affinity. All these will eventually become the company's core leader.
    3. Higher salary than the average person:
    The obtaining Six Sigma certification is not easy. After class, study, examination, and certificate, you must practice and apply it in work practice. It takes a long time to accumulate experience. Therefore, the sooner the better, the better. According to a survey released in 2020, the median salary of the person with the six Sigma black belt is 20,000 yuan per month, which is a considerable income.
    4, display enthusiasm, improve the opportunity of promotion
    The continuous learning is the key to improving your own ability. At the same time, it also shows personal enthusiasm. Many people think that as long as they work on time every day, they will naturally be easily promoted after a few years. And salary increase, this is a wonderful imagination. At General Electric, the six Sigma green belt has even become the lowest condition for promotion.

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