5 thoughts on “Which of IELTS or TOEFL is the most difficult to test?”

  1. I have to give LZ suggest that I have a deep experience myself. I have obviously IELTS. Why is the IELTS iron is simpler than T and IELTS is a tight life. In listening, you have given you something that has never been heard, virus, and animal Professor. The topic of IELTS is very different. Moreover, it is more human words. Essence Essence Essence In addition, I feel that I have learned T my own feelings. As a TOEFL candidate, I can give LZ some opinions. First of all, the most basic OG of T TOEFL must be bought. The above is a few types of questions. LZ must look at it carefully. There is a clear understanding of the TOEFL test. Secondly, Delta and Barra are also good textbooks. LZ can look at it on Taobao again. It does not have to be genuine books. The genuine version is more expensive. Then the word, recommended Yu Minhong's rubber book. The word is the key. Remember, LZ also needs to pay attention to the high requirements for TOEFL, so you usually need to train more. Finally, you provide LZ with a website. TOEFL resource, I hope LZ is good luck. I hope my answer is helpful to you, thank you o (∩_∩) o

  2. Original poster, can you make up for the person a month, you can make up for the target score, 6.5 or 7.5 or even higher, what else is it? Is it 4.5 level, or other levels I do n’t know, so there is no way to give the answer
    . If your foundation is not very good, it is recommended that the foundation is not more efficient and there are directions. Otherwise, if the foundation is poor I do n’t know if I do n’t know the direction of the review, and I can only rely on back words, which is extremely efficient.
    If you have about 6 points at about 6 points, it is recommended to learn yourself. It is believed that you can still increase 0.5 or even 1 point by strengthening.
    This can also be self -study in English. It is also possible to go to the institution. The key is to find the direction. For example, why some people still feel that the progress is small, because what he memorizes is not necessarily in line with his level. Things, like you let a foreigner learn Chinese at the beginning to learn classical Chinese, do you feel that progress is great? In the final analysis, it is to see if someone should learn what you should learn in the process of your learning. It should be learned. This principle should be understood, so in the process of learning, it is very important to learn, not to say that there are so many information on the Internet. Everyone has information. The key is how to learn how to use it! Intersection Intersection
    Ilads to learn to learn from this side before. Later, one day I wanted to find a Taobao teacher, and I saw most of them recorded in advance, or did not after -sales service at all. Turn off, and finally see a seller, the tutorial is one -to -one, that is, to formulate different content based on the situation of each person, and if you have any questions, you can ask at any time. In the following, 2 months of English progress is really more than before, and the field of vision has become more open. In the end, IELTS scored 7 points. It is just that many beginners are the same as me and may not find directions, so it is easy to give up. I think it ’s a pity. In fact, it is not difficult to find the direction in English. Strongly recommend students who are hindered by English to search for Du Lun English.
    This English is not good, and the same reason as some classmates do not learn well. People who do not learn mathematics always feel that mathematics is so difficult and English is the same. Some people feel that it is difficult. Some people feel simple. At this time The most effective must be to find someone to lead the way, rather than the inefficient way to keep it alone according to the method without effect. When we wake up, the exam is over.

  3. Listening comparison
    The tests of TOEFL listening parts give candidates more than IELTS. There are some questions that can be repeated, and the question type is mainly based on the choice question. Chinese students' test mode.

    OMOON comparative
    IELTS oral language has a more comprehensive "machine scripture" on the Internet (candidates' memories of test questions and answers). Candidates can use these contents as a reference. The new TOEFL test, because the candidates have different time at the beginning of the time, may occur in the same test room.

    Reading comparison
    This reading part of the content becomes more academic, and the subject matter covers it is more extensive; the content of IELTS article is based on the traditional question bank, such as a society about ancient civilization and the history of immigration. Scientific topics, natural science topics introduced by British agriculture and animal characteristics. The emergence of new questions is relatively regular.

    The comparison
    The TOEFL essay part of the article adds an article to examine comprehensive ability. Candidates are required to read an academic article in 3 minutes, and then listen to the recording of the relevant lectures for 2-3 minutes. Finally, the candidates are required to write a short article with a number of words in 150-225 in 20 minutes. The big work part is basically unchanged, and the number of words is slightly longer than the old TOEFL. IELTS, one small, two compositions, various conventional charts, column, line charts, cake charts, etc. in the topic of small compositions. The topic of large works appears comprehensive, including various controversial topics such as the government, environment, technology, media, crimes, culture, and animals.

    above is the difference between the TOEFL and IELTS test in terms of listening, speaking, reading, and difficulty. As for which test is good, you need to judge with your actual situation.

  4. Which is difficult to vary from person to person, IELTS reading is simple spoken, after all, a real -life dialogue will have the subjective emotions of the examiner in it and the domestic test of IELTS is serious. TOEFL basically does not press the score, but the machine test is not good, so it will be useless.
    The tutoring IELTS TOEFL in one month? Look at your basic goals, how to know if you don't try

  5. TOEFL and IELTS each have their own difficulties. Candidates need to make judgments in conjunction with their own situation when choosing.

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