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  1. Yu'ebao has been on fire for a few years. Since its birth in 2013, it has been favored by investors. Save money into Yu'ebao seems to have become a new way of financial management. Indeed, compared to the deposit of traditional commercial banks, Yu'ebao has too many advantages. So, how is Yu'ebao expected income? What is Yu'ebao's expected income time? In this article, I will solve these two problems for Yu'ebao Xiaobai.

    Omi how to calculate the expected income of Yu'ebao
    How to calculate the expected income of Yu'ebao? Because Yu'ebao is also one of the currency funds, there are two ways to calculate the expected income of Yu'ebao, namely the annualized expected return on the 7th day and the expected income per 10,000 copies.
    Seven -day annualized expected income: That is, the average expected income level of the 7 -day currency fund, and the data from
    after the annualization. For example, you have 10,000 yuan in your Yu'ebao account, and the annualized expected return on the 7th day is 5%. Then your expected return in the first year is about 500 yuan. This is just a expected income, and the actual expected income will change.
    The expected income per 10,000 copies: that is, daily expected income per day, this number is certain. Assuming that your Yu'ebao account has 10,000 yuan, and then the expected yield per 10,000 copies will be 1 yuan for your expected return on the day. This data is certain. Because Yu'ebao is daily interest calculating, the principal of accounting after the interest is available and enjoying the next expected income, which will generate compound interest.
    How to the expected income of Yu'ebao? Do you understand it? In fact, it is more suitable for long -term investors according to the annualized expected income of the seventh day, and according to the expected income per 10,000, it is more suitable for short -term investors with strong flexibility demand for funds. Therefore, the specific investment of your own investment must also be considered based on your actual situation.
    . Yu'ebao's expected return time
    It to understand Yu'ebao's expected return time. We should first know that Yu'ebao has a 15:00 time limit. In other words, the funds you deposited before 15:00 can be counted as the amount of accounts on the same day; and the funds after 15:00 are regarded as the amount of accounts the next day. There is also a working day for review.
    For example, you are stored in this period of time from 15:00 to 15:00 next Monday, and the interest calculation time is next Wednesday. Because it is not counted on Friday after 15:00 on Friday, and then delayed the calculation of the two breaks. The system automatically deposit on Monday, and then calculates the expected income on Tuesday.
    In summary, the money you deposited before 15:00 on the day can enjoy the expected income of the next day, and the money deposited on the day of the day is counted as the next working day. Enter, and start the expected return on the next working day.
    Mas you figured out how to calculate the expected income of Yu'ebao and Yu'ebao's expected income time? I hope that everyone can make good use of Yu'ebao's wealth management platform to enjoy the benefits brought by technology and the Internet.

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