What chain reactions would Alibaba and Ant Group announced that they would withdraw from PEPL?

4 thoughts on “What chain reactions would Alibaba and Ant Group announced that they would withdraw from PEPL?”

  1. Because Xiaomi Group suddenly frozen a lot of account assets by India, Alibaba and Ant Group also withdrew from PE P L in order to avoid this risk. , Then exit PE P L.

  2. It will cause the withdrawal of other groups, and will lead to the increase in competitive pressure between the group, the affected the development of the enterprise, the decline in the status of the enterprise, and the reputation of the enterprise.

  3. It will affect the development of enterprises, affect the investment of the enterprise, affect the economic strength of the enterprise, and will cause the competitive pressure between enterprises to increase, and it will also reduce the popularity of PEPL.

  4. The well -known technology company Xiaomi Group was suddenly frozen by India's 55.5127 billion rupees, about 4.8 billion yuan of account assets because Xiaomi Technology was suspected of illegal remittance.
    Although the relevant departments understand the assets of Xiaomi Technology Group, the Xiaomi executives have encountered violent threats.
    In the disclosure of Xiaomi, its senior managers were threatened by "physical violence" when they were asked by local law enforcement agencies. A series of terrible consequences such as damage to occupational prospects and physical infringement.
    It what needs to be known is that the Indian market is one of the important markets of Xiaomi. "Rebus" once went to the local market alone to develop the market and received intimately in the local "leader".
    But that is such a company that has a close relationship with the local relationship, and it has freezed tens of billions of assets without saying a word. As soon as this incident came out, many analysts said that the reputation of the local market may be challenged, which will not be ruled out that foreign investment will escape. More importantly, is this only for Xiaomi or all Chinese enterprises?
    Alibaba and Ant Group withdrew PEPL
    Announcement released by Paytm Mall, the largest e -commerce company in India on May 17, showing that Alibaba and Ant Group officially exited the company's shareholders. The reason for PEPL is PEPL The strategic focus will shift from traditional physical commodity e -commerce to B2B exports and open network digital commerce (ONDC).
    In addition, because Paytm's listed main company and PEPL in the announcement have no direct or indirect equity relationship, Ali and Ant Group's holdings of Paytm remain unchanged. What does it mean? In simple terms, Alibaba and Ant Group officially withdrawn from the "Indian Taobao" business, but still retain the "Indian version of Alipay".
    The netizens said that Alibaba and Ant Group chose to withdraw from PEPL, which may be affected by the chain reaction of the Xiaomi incident. Now it is a wise move to choose to withdraw in advance. However, it should be known that Alibaba spent a lot of energy to enter the local market. If you really choose to exit the market completely, the loss will be very large.
    Who lost greater losses?
    Although Alibaba and Ant Group still hold the shares of "Indian version of Alipay", it is reported that since 2020, Alibaba has gradually suspended its investment plan for the Indian market, and due to local resistance due to local resistance Alibaba also stopped the services of the UC browser and other innovative businesses in the local market. So in general, if Alibaba and Ant Group really choose to withdraw from the market, the biggest loss may not be Ali.
    First of all, for the Indian market, Alibaba used to value very much. According to incomplete statistics, Ali shot 21 times on the local market, at least investing in 9 local technology companies, especially "Indian Alipay" Paytm and " The two projects of the Indian version of Taobao "Paytm Mall, without Ali's support, these two companies cannot become India's largest e -commerce payment tools and e -commerce platforms today.
    It is worth mentioning the UC browser. As early as 2009, the UC browser owned by Ali entered the Indian market, but after 12 years of deep cultivation, it was still forced to stop operation. At present, the relevant local teams have already already been in the local team. Forced to dissolve.
    So in total, Alibaba's losses are very large, but it is not unacceptable, because many businesses do not stop suddenly, Ali should have made relevant preparations long ago.
    So the biggest loss is? In fact, it is more local market. First of all, we must understand that although the Indian market has great consumption potential, it has not developed, and it is not friendly to Chinese enterprises.
    For example, in the field of communications, it is not necessary to say that Huawei and ZTE's 5G equipment rejected the door. Before that, it has arrears engineering funds many times. For example, in the field of software, in 2021, a strong targeted ban was also issued, which directly banned 59 APPs in my country. The UC browser under Ali was forced to stop operations because of this ban.
    is particularly worth mentioning that after the 59 APPs of China Enterprises were banned, a large number of "imitation" emerged in the local market. It should not be too ugly. This kind of introduction of foreign capital and technology first, and then directly use the policy to kick away, and let the market be given to the local "imitation" company's operations for a moment, but in the long run, it is the least cost -effective. Direct reputation losses and indirect economic losses will not be estimated.
    The more vigilant point here is that PayTM needs to transform from the e -commerce business to B2B. This is to do foreign trade. Combining the current high -speed development of exports and manufacturing in Southeast Asia, this is likely to be on our foreign trade market. Squeeze. Especially not long ago, Xiaomei has just held a meeting with the Ten East Asian countries. If we do not pay attention to it, then the industrial supply chain is likely to face the problem of "decoupling". rn写在最后,有人说,阿里巴巴选择退出PEPL是一个明智之举,并且退得越早损失越小;也有人说,印度市场的潜力还是很大的,可以不做业务,但是We must continue to hold shares;
    mine also said that Alibaba's technology and experience are the most advanced in terms of e -commerce and mobile payment. "Alipay" will start going downhill.

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