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  1. Russia's coins are called rubles. According to the exchange rate on December 05, 2019, 1 Russian ruble = 0.1103 RMB, 1 RMB = 9.0694 Russian ruble.
    The country of heavy industry is mainly based on Russia, and due to historical and reality, the light industry is underdeveloped so far. In contrast, Russia's price level is slightly higher than our domestic, but meat products are indeed cheaper than us.
    For example, Russia's beef price is about 15 yuan/jin, while the price of pork is less than half of the beef (about 7 yuan); and the current domestic price of beef has exceeded 30 yuan.
    It's diet in Russia, especially vegetables and fruits, especially after winter, because of the influence of transportation factors such as cold frozen in the sky, tomatoes can even be sold for 100 rubles. 10 yuan a pound.
    D cabbage and green peppers are even more expensive, an average price of 10 rubles. A pound of apples cost almost 10 yuan in Russia. It can be seen that 100 rubles buy a pound of tomatoes in Russia's winter or a pound of apples.
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    The influence of rubles on Russia:
    Russia's prices are high or low. For Russia, which is not high in overall income, the price is slightly higher. However, because Russia implements social security systems such as free medical insurance for the whole people, even students' lunch is free.
    The decline in Russia's share of exported oil is mainly affected by the decline in oil prices, rather than Russia's change of export structure. Therefore, as a commodity currency, the price changes in the commodity market will greatly affect the trend of rubles.
    Russia, also known as the Russian Federation, originated from the East Sesla on the Eastern European grassland. The mixed -race Rose is the common ancestor of the Russians, the Belarusian, and the Ukraine. The Village, located in the northeast of Russia, is one of the coldest settlements in the world. The average temperature in January was -50 ° C and the lowest value of -71.2 ° C. Russia is the world's largest energy resources and mineral reserves. It is also the largest output country with natural gas. It has a very large forest reserve and 25%of the world's Tamsui Lake.

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