4 thoughts on “The RMB 801 has the crown number of Chinese dragons (red ghost)”

  1. FP, FQ, and FZ three crown numbers are 801 China Dragon.
    Related introduction:
    801 China Dragon refers to a fluorescent coin of the fourth edition of the 80th version of the 80th version. Under the fluorescent lamp, the front and back of the banks present a festive red fluorescent. ghost. Echoing with the 902 Green Ghost, it is favored by the majority of collection enthusiasts.
    The China Dragon Crown is relatively chaotic in a long period of time. Many banknotes of the crown number have red fluorescent phenomena under fluorescent lights, causing market coin players and newcomers to dare to involve in depth. Since the end of 2017, the market has slowly recognized the position of 801FP as the top Chinese dragon.
    The expansion information
    The collection number is more difficult and interesting than other collection themes. Because the number of crown numbers is large and distributed, the distribution of each crown number is different, which causes difficulty to improve the collection research crown number is a project that consumes huge energy and brain power. The early days after the founding of the People's Republic of my country (Crown Issuing Information).
    The bank currency collectors have joined this ranks of great energy to collect the industrial bank currency printed with the Roman crown version (that is, the first and second version of the RMB "). Since the fourth version of the Pinyin letters, the first three versions of the banknotes of the banknotes of the first three versions Early distribution, the collection awareness of the people during the distribution period is generally not deep. In addition, the Roman crown is printed, and its historical data research value is even more important.

  2. TG-TH-UF-UH-UH-UJ-WD-WF-WF-WG-ZH (supplement) (the above crown number is basically, among which ZH UI UJ is a thin crown red gold dragon, basically no fluorescence map, There is a fluorescent diagram best)

    RJ-TA-TB-TC-TD-TE-TF (the above crown number part is, of which TA is a thin crown red gold dragon, it must be applied to the fluorescent chart, close-up peach blossom area , Must be a strong peach blossom, is the authentic red golden dragon)

  3. Fairview Qianyuan Meng 801ye China Dragon Red Ghost has a hundred companies, a new original version, a full product of the whole product, without spots and oil under the fluorescent lamp, four feet, ink fragrant.
    801 China Dragon Red Ghost and 902 Green Ghost are also known as the red and green male, but the red ghost is less than the green ghost of 902. The 90 ghost has ten crowns. The appreciation space is huge, and the current price is quite low, which is the best time for investment collection.

    RJ-TA-TB-TC-TD-TE-TF (The above crown section is, of which TA is a thin crown red gold dragon, which must be applied to the fluorescent chart, close-up of peach blossoms, must be strong light peach blossoms, must be strong peach blossoms , Is the authentic Red Golden Dragon)

  4. Upstairs answered the Red Golden Dragon, which is irrelevant to the Chinese Dragon Wind Horse and Niu. The Chinese Dragon Crown, which is now recognized by the market, is FP, FQ, FZ. Among them, the starting crown is FP, the closing crown is FZ, all of which are printed by Xi'an money printing. Factory printed. 801 also has other fluorescent notes with red banknotes. In the early CEGIA crown, some flowing water fluorescences were called red peach blossoms called red ghosts. Other non -Xi'an banknote printing factories printed FS/FX/FU, etc. in 1992 and 92 years later Other crown numbers (such as PJ/YA/YB/WH, etc.) are red under the fluorescent light called ruby.

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