1 thought on “Can I still recover the money after the P2P platform runs?”

  1. Generally, after the P2P platform runs, investors will report to the public security organs. Once the request of the case, the investigation will be involved in the investigation.
    It is a series of investigations, litigation, and trial processes. Since this case belongs to criminal cases, the entire cycle will be very long, and at least one or two years will be completed.
    Then the court will return to investors according to the number of recovery funds, but the general platform runs because there is no money, so there are very few funds that can be recovered.
    This investment is all local. If you have any questions, I will call people directly. Generally speaking, I am the kind of platform that can be invested in the reputation. Of course, the reputation of Jiedai.com in Hunan can be the first choice for newcomers. If you do n’t understand, you can consult customer service. It's more patient.

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