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  1. Report the app method/step
    1. Open the WeChat app and click the search box above.
    2. Enter the "National Network Information Office Report Center" public account to open.
    3, then you can choose to follow the operation, or click "One -click Report", as shown below.
    4, then read "Report Notice".
    5, then check the bottom "Read Report Notes" and click "Agree".
    6, then select the "harmful information type" and click in.
    7, then fill in the basic information of the reporter according to the user type.
    8. After filling in, check the bottom "Reporter Statement" and click "Submit".

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Login Report Center's official website report; 2. Download and install the "Internet Report" client report; 3. Pay attention to the official Weibo "National Network Information Office Report Center" of the Report Center, click "Private Information Report"; 4. Follow the official report center official WeChat public account "National Network Information Office Report Center", click "One -click Report"; 5. Dial 12377 to report hotline; 6. Send mail to the mailbox jubao@12377 report.nAsk a software that I am using a software called Octopus input method. It has always talked about advertising and is the kind of pornography. I summarized the problem of octopus input method. And the actual octopus input method is not running 2. It is necessary to play a lock screen with a charging 3. Just unlock the phone in the previous second, and play an advertisement in the next second. Knowing that I do n’t know what to call, I ca n’t turn it off. 5. It ’s not necessary to write it now. 6. There is a stingy thing before. Now I ca n’t find it. . Gold coin progress bar 9. Even a WIFI will play advertisements 10. I am swiped the video. As a result, the takoy input method has jumped out inexplicably, and then the entire mobile phone is dark, only the sound of the video, no video 11. I am playing games. I am playing games. , Your octopus input method bounces me an advertisement, and you must browse 30 seconds to close. And I went to find their customer service feedback, they also bested me, and I was inexplicably banned when I was still feedback in their group. I sent a group in the octopus input method. How long did this series of problems used?nAnswer you report in accordance with the above methodn1 morenBleak

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