Celebrity story of Chinese and foreign professional investment and financial management! Urgent! Intersection

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  1. Railway giant Stanford
    In 1814, after British inventor Stephens invented the steam locomotive, Europe and the United States successively set off a boom in building railways. Here is an American named Stanford made a big fortune by building a large railway that runs through the United States, becoming one of the top ten chaebols that control the United States.
    Stanford was a wholesaler in California in the United States first. He joined the Republican Party as a businessman and became a member of the lawmakers. After the Northern and South War of the United States, the Republican Party, which advocated the freedom of black people, defeated the Democratic Party, which represented the interests of slave owners. 37 -year -old Stanford became the governor of California. He actively participated in the construction of the railway plan during the term of office of the governor, thus becoming the president of the Central Pacific Railway Corporation.
    Stanford is interested in the railway and is inseparable from his family. His father had a large farm and contracted a 24 -kilometer railway engineering when he was 7 years old. Stanford is a sensible child. Although he is only seven or eight years old, he will carry the iron railway construction site every Saturday to help his father. Now that he has become a state, he is holding the power, and he can show his skills on the construction of the railway. Stanford held a special meeting of California, forming a special resolution to build railways. Because the construction of the railway is not only about California, Stanford invited neighboring Oregon and representatives of Nevada and Washington. The number of conferences exceeded 100. After fierce disputes, the meeting formed a resolution. Stanford promised California to prepare $ 15 million as a railway construction subsidy. Oregon may be prepared for $ 5 million.
    Stanford's Railway technician Judah General Conference Resolution was sent to the capital Washington for approval. With Juda, there is a young politician named Ba Jin. After arriving at Washington, Judas and his party rented a house in the House of Representatives to show the model that runs across the East and West Railway in the United States, and launched public relations and publicity activities. They also submitted a bill to Congress with the terms of the bill: railway companies can issue $ 50 million bonds; free public land on both sides of the railway; public land on both sides of the railway, low prices to railway companies at low prices to railway companies and many more. The purpose of this is to raise funds for the construction of railways.
    The president of the United States was Lincoln at this time. Stanford must use President Lincoln's power to let the construction of the railway bill passed. In order to make the president believe in their abilities, 5 people including Stanford and Henkinton each took huge amounts of funds and formed the Central Pacific Railway Corporation. With the support of President Lincoln, Congress passed the Pacific Railway Law to set up two companies: United Pacific Railway Corporation and the Central Pacific Railway Company. This two companies hosted this railway.
    The railway, known as the "Century Avenue", finally started on January 8, 1863! Stanford, president of the Governor and President of the Central Pacific Railway Corporation (referred to as CP Company), came from a black carriage Mercedes -Benz on both sides and inserted a small flag on both sides. The Sacramendo River and the A Merida River are connected to the sun. The sun was like a fire early in the morning, and the climate was very abnormal. The snow just melted, and a flagpole was erected on the muddy road. The Star Strip flag and the California flag with a big bear logo fluttered in the morning wind. There are dozens of guests on the road, and nearly a thousand people gathered on the river bank to celebrate the epoch -making construction ceremony.
    Stanford took off the big hat and slowly appeared on a temporary forum on the river. He was so solemn as usual, and took a lecture from his pocket, saying, "Mr. Ladies, now, Century Avenue will start construction. This avenue runs through 4,300 kilometers long. It is adhering to God's will. Now, California is not at the end of the mainland, but a true golden city, the main entrance of the western part of the United States! "The audience cheered. Stanford came down from the forum, took a handful of iron hells, shoveled the soil containing ice and snow, and threw it on the scheduled railway base.
    The army band played the song "Star Banner Never Fall". The men took off their hats and put them on their chests, and many women shed tears in excitement. The governor's bodyguard suddenly pulled out the pistol around his waist, fired a shot towards the sky, and then fired the second shot and the third shot. The masses cheered. The bridge is being built on the Yamilica River. The workers piled up the stones high. Their legs were immersed in the cold river water. When they heard the sound of gunfire, they also pulled out their pistols and shown them in the air to celebrate.
    The large railway railway that runs across the United States, the project is extremely difficult. The terrain passed by the railway is very complicated, with up to 2100 meters of high mountains, rivers and lakes, and deserted deserts. Natural conditions are bad, and there are interpersonal contradictions. The Railway Act later stipulated that the public land on both sides of the railway increased to 80 kilometers, which was fiercely opposed by the Indians, because in these areas, including many Indians' residence, they were not willing to evacuate from the place of residence from the place of residence. The white people are expelled from the Indians and burned their houses on the pretext of implementing the railway bill, and the contradiction between the two sides has intensified.
    AP Railway (that is, United Pacific Railway Company) began to build the Mountains of Nebraska, the Indian Chief of Red Clouds came here from the foothills of the Luke of the Kaiji, and the army and militia attacking the road guarded. The construction site tent was soaked in oil and arrows. With the extension of the railway, it evolved into a bloody battle. Later, in order to accelerate the construction of the railway, Stanford ordered the Huairou policy. Some Indians later also joined the ranks of road workers, and the contradictions gradually relieved.
    Along the railway laying project, there are huge, lush pine forests distributed, which is a good source of pillow wood. Pathfabers don't have to worry about the lack of pillow wood. The number of bulls in the forest land has a lot of meat, which provides a lot of meat for railway workers.
    On October 6, 1863, the locomotive manufactured by a factory in Philadelphia was transported to the road. The locomotive was disassembled into parts, packed on sailing, and was shipped after 120 days of voyage. The first train on the CP railway was appointed "Stanfu". Several major shareholders of Stanford, Kuroka, Hungkinton, and Hobkins specially held an unprecedented exhibition for this locomotive in order to sell stocks and corporate bonds.
    This "Stanfu" was hanged on the track by the twisted. The locomotive was burned with firewood. The furnace lit the firewood and did not succeed after several times. Stanford patted his shoulder should not be discouraged. Finally, the thick white steam sprayed up, the engine suddenly yelled, and the piston began to move. The "Stanfu" was like a mighty king and slowly drove forward. People turned on the champagne and sprayed on the locomotive, and fired a 35 -ranging gun to celebrate the successful test car.
    Itanford, the character of Stanford is complicated. As the governor, he wants to build the railway to build a blessing for the people. As the number one shareholder and a large capitalist, he naturally squeeze the hard -earned workers and capture the maximum profits. The railway must cross the entire Nevada. There are 15 tunnels, and there are more and more difficulties encountered by the project. A large number of European immigrants could not eat that bitterness, and the suspected salary was too low, and they transferred to silver and copper ore to work. The project was frustrated and progressing slowly. At this time, the Stanford people went to San Francisco to call a large number of Chinese workers through the Chinese agency. They were taken from all parts of California to the site of the Nevada Mountain.
    This workers recruited from Guangdong, Fujian, and Hong Kong, China, have only 1/33 of whites, and work 12 hours a day! Nevertheless, hiring Huagong has been fiercely opposed by racial prejudice. Steinfuli lined up and said, "Have you heard of the Chinese people's best stonemiths in the world?"
    Stanford has recruited 15,000 Chinese workers. At that time, there were three sources of the hard work of Huagong: one was the Hakka captives and the Qing government arrested by the Qing government in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement; the other was the local relatives and friends in series; the third was to be sold by traffickers. Most of the introduction of the sales business are British, Spanish and French. This kind of transaction is called "pig trafficking" in the United States, because these hardships are simply like African slaves. They are locked in the cabin like a pig and have no personal freedom until they arrive at their destinations.
    "The body of a Chinese worker is lying under every pillow wood that runs through the large railway in the Midwest of the United States", which is a true portrayal of the tragic encounter of Chinese road workers. In December 1866, all Chinese workers working on the west side of Nevada encountered snow difficulties, but the tunnel project of Nevada continued. The avalanche occurred frequently, and more and more Chinese workers were killed in the project. The Chinese workers are in this extremely difficult environment, using hard -working and wise hands to cut the tunnel little by little.
    . At more than 2 pm on May 10, 1869, the UP railway and the CP railway were connected to Provello in Utah, completing the epoch -making feat. Stanford wore a black dovetail, wearing a small silk hats, and "Chobby". From 6 am, he departed from Sacramers and arrived here. On the bus, guests such as the Governor of Arizona and the Chief Judge of the California Supreme Court of California were chatted while drinking. When the train crossed the Nevada Tunnel, everyone clicked to his toast, and the sound of "congratulations" was endless.
    MP railway and UP railway are called Ogden City. Ogden City is the hometown of Gun King Bronin. In his lifetime, Bronin obtained a total of 128 firearms patents.
    It to commemorate the East and West Railway Conference, a wealthy businessman named Hughes donated a golden nail. This rail nails are twice as big as the average rail, which is about 15 cm in diameter. The nail body is cast with 18K gold. The appearance is plated with pure gold. It is engraved with the names of the people such as Stanford. In addition, the City of Nevada also donated a nail; the Governor of Arizona, who came with Stanford, also nails with a gold, silver, and iron alloy. Gold and Military rail nails.
    The five squadrons of the 21st team of the Army Cavalry of San Francisco made a special trip to attend the ceremony. Their military music performance made the entire venue lively.
    Stanford knocked on the first hammer of the golden rail. This hammer just made a gesture. Silver hammer passed through the rail and fell on the signal device of the telegram next to the rail. The signal device directly leads to Washington, and churches across the United States have sounded in the United States to celebrate this extraordinary moment. After Major General Dodge and Montegi shook hands with each other, the celebration club officially started.
    The technician of the CP railway, Stero, took the Chinese on -site supervisor wearing blue trousers and leaving long braids. He also came to the venue to introduce the hard work of Chinese workers to the majority of guests. Stanford invited the painter to depict the scene of the venue. The driver of Wales's last carriage carriage, Kenny and Gel, also came to attend the event. Kenny was drunk and emotional, and said with tears: "I have been running for 13 years in this desert!"
    After the large railway across the United States was opened to traffic, one set off a one. The wave of stock immigrants not only embraced a large number of immigrants in the eastern United States, but also people from European countries such as Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc., also came here to settle. Large -sided land on both sides of the railway can now be sold, and the shareholders of the railway have made a lot of money. Stanford, as one of the major shareholders, naturally becomes a richest man.
    Stanford relocated the family to San Francisco. On the "Noble Hills" overlooking the Bay, Stanford built a luxurious mansion and bought 55,000 acres of pastures in the suburbs. In May 1868, the first year before the Stanford's Golden Nails, his only son, Steinford, was born. Stanford regarded his son as a pearl in the palm of the palm. From his son to kindergarten, he invited him to music and dance tutors for him, and also specially conducted French training to him. They are ready to let Steinford go to Harvard University in the future, so they choose middle school education at New York, and for this reason, they still rent a house in New York. In November 1883, the Stanford couple took a 15 -year -old son to Europe. During the trip to Italy, Trustford suddenly had a high fever. After diagnosis, he suffered from typhoid fever. The old couple was anxious and specially asked for medical treatment from Paris. But unfortunately, Little Stanford left someone and asked. After another 6 days, Stanford's 60th birthday.
    Themian gave Stanford a very heavy blow in his later years. After five weeks, he kept himself in a hotel in Paris and continued to modify his suicide note. To commemorate Aiko, he is determined to start a university. In the summer of 1886, Stanford officially announced the donation of 2.5 million US dollars as a fund founding Stanford University. At this time, he has been elected Federal Senator for two years.
    Stanford University is located about 50 kilometers south of San Francisco. It is called Palo Alto and is a beautiful garden city. This is originally a virgin forest, and there are dense American pine and rubber trees everywhere. In October 1891, Stanford University was formally established and began teaching.
    founded Stanford University, indicating that Stanford has a vision. Now we have ushered in the railway era, and the demand for outstanding talents in the society is much more urgent than the needs of horses. Stanford originally operated the ranch to cultivate excellent horses. Now the horse era has passed. Stanford University later became a well -known university in western United States, and went hand in hand with Harvard University and Hobkins University in the east.
    On June 21, 1893, the US railway king Stanford resigned with the world for myocardial infarction. Stanford's testament stipulates that the heritage is contributed to the public.

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