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  1. The Yi Language is produced by Dalian Da Wu Tao Yi Language Software Development Co., Ltd. Easy Language adopts all Chinese and Chinese programming. The development environment is based on the Windows platform. It supports full Chinese and visual programming operations. It is rich in function and easy to learn and easy to use. It can meet the needs of various domestic computer users. You can develop the Linux program directly in the Windows environment.

    I. As a programming language in Chinese, easy language integrates Chinese culture and folk customs. Users no longer need to use Chinese in Chinese language habits, expressions, and even thinking methods. Write the program according to our own habits. The easy -to -language programming environment is convenient, intuitive, fast and practical, not only supports program code can be written in Chinese, but also the operation interface is also in Chinese. Even if a junior user who does not understand English or knows little about English can quickly enter the door of computer program writing. Even people at junior high school or primary school can learn some simple procedures.

    The language is not simply sinicized or encapsulated by the existing programming tools. It has its own independent high -quality compiler. Essence It is commendable that the executable code compiled by the compiler has nothing to do with the operating system platform, so it can easily achieve cross -platform programming. At present, Easy Language can support the development of Windows and Linux programs at the same time. It is also very convenient to transplant to other operating system platforms in the future, so that it no longer depends on a specific operating system environment. Deployment, the easy language programming environment itself is an important basic system software, and it also provides supporting and appropriate application software development tools for other independent intellectual property operating systems.

    The visual design operation of easy language is very obvious compared to other programming languages. It not only supports the visualization operation of the program window interface design, but even the code flowchart is completely embedded in the program code design operation. This is a function that ordinary programming software does not have. At the same time, it has a built -in, memory -type Chinese input method, which supports the rapid entry of Chinese statements. The instant command function prompt function, which completely breaks through the bottleneck of the input speed of the Chinese statement.

    The language support modular development, which can meet the requirements of the coordinated development of large application software systems. It can also compile a program module that meets the standard Win32 DLL for other easy programs, even VC, Delphi, VB programs directly call in their own code. The "easy module" function built -in language is also an important part of Easy Language modular development. Easy program can directly reference the compiled easy modules in the program to further simplify the complex procedures of the development of easy program.

    It -language easy databases can fully meet the needs of developing desktop database programs. At the same time, Easy Language provides comprehensive support for ADO, ODBC and other database interface technology, and can directly access the MySQL database. Therefore, data exchange with various external databases can be facilitated to develop and realize large database -based application software systems.

    The language can make full use of all the existing programming resources to provide a series of interfaces such as OCX control, type library, API function, and COM protocol, and open its support library interface technical documentation for provision The use of third parties, using these countless resources, greatly enhances the practical functions of easy language.

    The language supports today's advanced programming concepts, such as object -oriented programming methods, information processing mechanisms for events, etc. Easy language is greatly helpful to understand other programming languages. Easy language supports user definition and use objects, and supports the characteristics of the structure, structure, integration, virtual method, polymorphism, and packaging of the class.

    The new version of the language has launched more expansion support libraries, such as data operation support library, numerical computing support library, text voice conversion support library, telephone voice support library, digital equipment support library, script language language Support components, office support libraries, etc., which greatly facilitates users to write programs, and new industry support libraries are still being developed.

    It, in addition to the simplified Chinese version, it also provides a variety of language versions such as traditional Chinese version, Japanese and English version, which is very suitable for the requirements of multi -ethnic localization development. If there is no special explanation in this book, all of them are based on simplified Chinese version.

  2. Simply put, Easy Language is a programming language containing Chinese! If you want to learn programming, you can learn from "Fanwo". There are a lot of programming tutorials and tools in it! ~

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