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  1. The usage method of JD E card exchange code is as follows:
    1. Take the mobile phone Jingdong client as an example, start the mobile phone Jingdong APP, and enter the account password to log in.
    2, click "My" switching tabs on the bottom right side of the main interface, and then select "My Wallet".
    3, display the current binding E card balance, the binding will have a validity period, and it cannot be used after the period. Click "Binding New Card".
    4, enter Jingdong E card card dense and determine, automatically return to the previous page after the binding is successful.
    5, JD E -card only supports self -operated goods, that is, "self -operated" products with "self -operated".
    The expansion information: Note at the use of Jingdong E card:

    1 Jingdong E card is valid for "36 months from the date of activation"; Regardless of interest, you cannot modify the password. After purchasing, you need to keep the card number and password.
    2. Jingdong E card can only be purchased separately (that is, you cannot buy an order with other products at the same time), and you cannot use the coupon, Jingdong card/Jingdong E card for purchase.
    3. Jingdong E card can only purchase JD.com's self -operated goods (page shows "JD.com's self -employment" or 6 digits or 7 digits, but publications, global purchases, virtual products, some group purchases and snap -up products , Investing in gold, silver, treasure island, and third -party sellers are not here).
    4. When the goods purchased using the Jingdong E card occurred, the fund paid will automatically return to the card.
    5. The physical card purchased online and down order to place an order for the invoicing, and the invoice is sent with the card; the electronic card order is placed to place an invoice. No invoices were received within 7 working days, and customer service was required to verify and process.
    6. Jingdong E card has supported mobile use on Jingdong Mall (Android client 3.9.8 version and above, iPhone client 3.9.8 version 3.9.8 use).
    7. Jingdong E card refund card processing cycle 15-20 working days.
    8. Customers need to keep your JD E card properly.
    Reference link: Baidu Encyclopedia_Dengdong E card

  2. How to use Jingdong E card?


    It can only be purchased in Jingdong self -operated stores. There will be prompts.

    It hope to help you.

  3. This feeling is recommended to enter the related platform APP, my gift card is entered into the relevant Yue replacement code, it is really easy to redeem it directly.
    This must also pay attention to the dates of the failure must be used in the validity period, so as not to be lost by our rare economic value. Finally, I personally have a small advice. When using gift cards Official self -operated stores, otherwise there is no authority for gift cards.

  4. The steps of BD card binding in Jingdong are as follows:
    1. Open the "Jingdong" APP, click "My" at the bottom right, slide down, and click the "My Wallet" on the far right of the middle column.
    2. After jumping to the wallet page, click "Gift Card" in the icon bar.
    3. After jumping to the gift card page, click "Binding New Card" below.
    4, jump to the page of the binding gift card, enter the correct password of the Jingdong E card. After entering the completion, click "Bind" on the right to successfully bind the Jingdong E card. After the binding is successful, you will see it. To the face value of the E card.
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  5. 1. When you receive the Jingdong Card or E card, log in to my JD.com, choose the Jingdong card E card;
    n2. Enter the password and verification code of the JD card or E card, and then bind it; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; n
    3. Select the detailed binding of the JD cards or the JD.com E card. When you pay for shopping, you can choose the JD E -card that has been bound, and the balance of the Tokyo card will deduct the payment of the order;

    5. You must manually enter the JD card password.

    The Jingdong E card is a single -purpose commercial prepaid card issued by Jingdong Mall, which can be used to purchase JD.com's self -operated commodities, and records a prepaid card.

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