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  1. What is the name of the paper that burn the fragrant Buddha?
    It what is the name of the paper that burn incense and worship the Buddha. Now many people will believe in Buddhism, so during some Buddhist festivals, they will burn the Buddha and Bodhisattva in the festival, but many people are curious about burning incense. What is the name of the paper that is burned? Let me take a brief understanding of the name of the paper that burn the Buddha.
    What is the name of the paper that burn incense worship?
    , as Dade said in front, it is enough to give a glass of water.
    The important thing to worship the Buddha is to understand what the Buddha said.
    The self -nature of self -esteem, thoroughly understanding the true nature of the world.
    Stime to reflect on yourself, check your behavior, and respect respect. And praise the wisdom and greatness of the Dharma. Express the determination of further learning and be pursued.
    Then ask the Buddha to sorrow, bless, and give strong promotion and help.
    This is the true meaning of worshiping Buddha.

    This of the paper burning paper is the "money" of the living people who return to the ghosts or unjust relatives and the unjust creditors, as well as the sentient beings since the beginning.
    Because of the order and logic of the present world, the living environment of ghosts and living beings is similar to humanity, so currency also needs.
    It yellow paper is called underworld, for the money for ghost roads. Many versions have evolved.
    The gold foil and silver foil is called gold and silver, which is made into various ingots or utensils to replace humanitarian gold and silver.
    What is the scientific name of the paper money for burning the burn of fragrant Buddha. That is, fake banknotes (superstition) for ghosts or people who have already burned.
    Ited banknotes, also known as Yin Si paper and underworld, are one of the cremating sacrifice products that worship ghosts and gods and ancestors. In the New Year, Qingming, Meng Lan, Chongyang, and the banknotes are a rare sacrifice.
    The banknotes have different names due to the differences in the times, regions and customs, mainly "underwriting", "paper money", "楮 money" and so on.

    The folklore, saying that Cai Lun invented papermaking in the Eastern Han Dynasty, his brother wanted to learn, but he could not learn well. The paper created is yellow and rough, and it cannot be sold. Later, Cai Lun's wife and daughter -in -law saw that the neighbors worshiped the dead with pottery money and five money to sacrifice the dead, and remembered that this yellow paper could be used as a sacrifice. After her efforts, it was really spread in the civilian room. In the future, I bought the money with this yellow paper instead, and there was a special name of "yellow mounting paper", which gradually formed paper banknotes. Since then, the banknote has completed the transformation process from a physical form to a virtual form. However, during the sacrifice, the banknotes appeared in the form of paper money, and ascended to the Church of Daya, it was a matter of the Tang Dynasty.
    This banknotes or "Yin Di Paper" are usually printed with "Mingtong Bank" or "Introduction to the Bank of Mingdu Bank". There is a statue of the Emperor of the Jade Emperor on the front of the banknotes. king. There are two signed signs on the front. The denomination is 10 million yuan per number, and some of them are 100 million yuan, which is not easy to count how many circles behind them.
    The production of underworld has a history of history. Recently, archeological experts found carved coins sealed bags in Jinhua, Zhejiang. The sealed bags fill in the name of the sacrifice to prevent other ghosts from snatching. With the development of society, the coins are now more refined. Now the appearance of the banknotes is usually printed into banknotes

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