Why does the financial crisis first happened in the United States and how did it happen

The point is first, why it happened in the United States first.
did you talk about the process of the development of the US financial crisis in detail.

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  1. The financial crisis refers to all or most or most financial indicators in a country or country and regions (such as: short -term interest rates, monetary assets, securities, real estate, land (prices), commercial bankruptcy, and financial institutions. Short and ultra -periodic deterioration
    1. This financial crisis originated in the United States. Causes of financial crisis: Credit expansion, economic bubble caused by virtual economy is the main reason for the financial crisis. Only 600 billion U.S. dollars have caused such a large financial crisis, all due to the follow -up, that is, people's psychological expectations. The herd effects refer to the investors who have not formed their own expectations or have not obtained first -hand information in the market. They will change their behavior based on the behavior of other investors. Theoretically, the flock effect will exacerbate market fluctuations and become the key to whether the behavior of leaders can succeed. In the following cases, the cake is the leader. In the real economy, the subprime mortgage is the leader
    2. From the subprime mortgage crisis to the financial crisis, here is an original case: two people sell sesame cakes, each person sells 20 a day ( Because the entire biscuits demand is only 40), one yuan price is one, and the daily output value is 40 yuan. Later, the two discussed and bought and sold 100 (A 100 of A to B, and B purchased 100 from A). Unchanged, the transaction volume becomes 240 yuan every day-the virtual economy generates
    . If the price of the biscuits that buy and sell each other is 5 yuan, the transaction volume is 1040 yuan per day. Yuan, some people heard that the cake is selling 5 yuan for 1 yuan. When the market is only 2 yuan, quickly buy.-The foam economy generates
    On the one hand, it is added to the cake (up to 100 or more per day), on the other hand, selling long-term biscuits, and also a transaction that issues cake bonds. The buyer is purchased with cash and purchased with mortgage loans .- -Financing, financial intervention
    It people want to buy, neither cash nor mortgage, A and B issued sub-cake bonds. And purchased insurance from insurance institutions. The loan crisis is broadcast on the seeds
    One day, I found that the purchased pancakes can not be eaten. Storage of both places and moldy, they will quickly sell them, even if the price is lower. The financial crisis broke out like this. The biscuits shop layoffs (as long as 40 sesame cakes per day can be available)-unemployed; the bond bonds have become waste paper-the subprime crisis
    The mortgage loan (mortgage is worthless) Can you collect it. Back, loan bank liquidity crisis, insurance companies are facing bankruptcy. -A financial crisis
    3. During the subprime mortgage crisis to the financial crisis, financial leverage and the issuance and circulation of financial derivatives of financial institutions play a amplification effect
    4. Deeper level
    (1) The consequences of long -term accumulation of consumption have been accumulated for a long time. The United States has a long -term prevalence of advanced consumption, encouraging the people to buy a house, buy a car, and buy high -end consumer goods. In order to pursue high profits, banks will issue credit cards to residents to encourage advanced consumption. "Use tomorrow's money to enjoy today." "Let the dreams come early and make the dreams come true." Being able to earn flowers is the pride of the times. "To put it bluntly, this kind of advanced consumption has also brought temporary prosperity in a few years. After all, it is "Yin Eating Grain". There are bubbles, a moment of prosperity, with illusory colors. Once the economy is not downturn, a large number of unemployed people have arrears, consumers' payment capacity has declined sharply, and US sub -debt highlights In front of the world, banks are piled up, and some investment banks are facing bankruptcy.
    (2) Bank of America's banks are tired of high salaries. It is a high salary, with an annual salary of millions of dollars, and the annual salary of medium white -collar workers has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. The banking industry has been in the long run due to huge borrowing amount and the profit is very popular. Be able to live. Once the debtor is difficult to pay the debt, a batch of bad debts have occurred to form a bougainvillea. Factors of exploitation. Or a stupid move of "exhausted and fishing" and "killing chickens and eggs".
    (3) The United States currently lacks emerging industries. The United States has often led the world trend for many years. The highway, automotive industry, aviation, and electronic communications industry. For example, computer hardware and software, mobile phones have been far ahead. Many countries are still budding, and the United States has formed industries widely. The industry is already lingering, and many countries in the world are chasing rapidly. The electronic industry such as computers and mobile phones is developing rapidly. The advantages of the United States are relatively weakened, or they are gradually losing their advantages. "Cold." The financial crisis in the United States has accumulated a long time, and it reveals that people learn from it. We need everything based on the actual situation of our country and do our own affairs. This is also a good strategy to resolve the impact of the US financial crisis on China.
    5 . The financial crisis has affected the world. For China, the national foreign exchange reserves have been lost, exports are difficult, economic growth has slowed down, unemployment increases, people's income decreases, consumption decreases, and market depression will cause political instability. (For example, the U.S. Detroit Automotive City is already very depressed). This time the financial crisis has not had a great impact on China, because China's economy and international economy have a certain separation, and the strict management of the implementation of the RMB in China and the international capital tour, international capital tour The impact is not great. Now that more than 70 banks in the United States have faced the closure, China's financial systems are operating well and the economy has maintained a certain speed. At the same time, the state is also using the expansion of finance and reducing the deposit reserve rate, 40 million During the drive of domestic demand and other measures, the RMB exchange rate has been lowered. If the implementation of various macroeconomic measures is effective, it can be improved for China for about 1 year.

  2. First of all, the answer is that the financial market in the United States not only represents the level of corporate and investor emotions in the United States. Its financial markets, such as Nasdaq, S

  3. Because the US banks are loan to domestic people in order to obtain more profits and let them consume in advance, but some people can't afford it, so the bank cannot receive it. The car and house they bought are mortgaged, so the bank has no money in the hands of the bank. Only the house and the car are left. The bank auction these assets can be changed. If this loan can be replaced in disguise, but the bank is profitable. Packing these debts into various financial wealth management products to buy it in the market, and then promise how many bonuses are promised, and those assets are not for banks but to others. These people are not yet money, and those who buy financial products have to be divided into dividends. As a result, banking funds have been disconnected, so the financial crisis broke out.

  4. The reason is simple. The United States is a world economic and financial center. Of course, a worldwide crisis happen here because everyone is active here. Making money is a speculation in the United States, and the crisis is unlucky together.

  5. Because Bank of America provides the rights to American citizens ahead of time, there is no money to have houses and cars, but their ability to repay is not strong and is in a relatively secondary position. Money, bank bankruptcy, crisis erupted

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