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  1. You can enter the settings to adjust the skin color. Or you can also pinch your face. You choose your face shape. After that, there is a circle to choose your skin tone. Basic all colors can be selected, and you can become aliens. The virtual 3D character image of this game user can freely set skin tone, face shape, etc., and can buy more clothing, furniture, gifts or pets, etc. through virtual coins.
    imvu Introduction
    imvu is a 3D character and scene chat software. After more than two years of development, more than one million registered users have been developed, and its 3D characteristics have also performed well. The IMVU is characterized by the can be created, modified, and used to use the use of chatting with users to chat with others and personal 3D. The sufficient 3D scene made users feel like they were chatting with a friend in a coffee shop, in the Fires, beaches and other scenes.
    All chat scenes are a 3D virtual environment. It can be a bar, playground, beach, swimming pool, etc., and even choose seats in the bar. Chatting is a bubble, you can replace the mood and manner of your 3D character, or do a lot of daily actions.
    A can even interact with chat partners, such as shaking hands, hugs, kisses and so on. Users can choose to let the system automatically match you to chat partners, or search for the specified conditions by themselves.

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