4 thoughts on “What do you think of the shell this time responding to muddy water short?”

  1. Hun water releases short shells for short reports, accusing them from five aspects. The shell responded immediately and resolutely resisted the malicious short -selling behavior of any organization. The next day, shell responded to the report of muddy water one by one, saying that the report had no factual basis.

    It, the flies are not seamless eggs. As a legal compliance behavior in the capital market, short -selling is a very common way to invest in securities and futures. It should not be a fuss. If you sell too much, you must sell short. Don't sell short selling as floods. For short investors, on the one hand, it has made money, and on the other hand, it also promotes the improvement of the capital market and the standardization of listed company governance. Companies with research reports are also a very important part of the capital market. For the Chinese, it is impressed by the impression that there are fragrances and muddy water in the back.
    The on the one hand is related to the loose listing standards of U.S. stocks that have caused the quality and fundamentals of many Chinese stocks. On the other hand, it is also related to the non -standard corporate governance, information disclosure and opaque of the common company in Chinese stocks. This time the muddy water is an empty shell, because I think I caught the logical contradictions of the open information of the open information or the suspiciousness of the financial and transaction data. Under the influence of Zuo Hui's death and the recent epidemic, shells are facing huge pressure on performance, and there are many spaces and opportunities that are easily questioned. In addition, the valuation of the shell is relatively high and has the value of the shell. If it is a junk stock, it is naturally worthless. This time, the muddy water as an empty shell is different from the way to recruit money. Essence
    At present, after the counterattack of the shell, the stock price of the shell has achieved a rational return. It should be said that as far as the fundamental aspects of Shell are concerned, they are still more resistant to suppression and doubts, but in the future, shells still need to be improved in terms of financial standardization and timely and transparent information. At present, the domestic real estate market has shown a trend of gradually recovering. In the future, the proportion of second -hand housing markets will increase faster, which is very beneficial to the development of shells. After being hollowed out, the shells have also accumulated lessons and lessons. After experiencing the necessary baptism, the road should be better in the future. However, for the second listing of Hong Kong stocks or A shares, shells may need to be backups.
    Munshui has also played for companies such as New Oriental, Ruixing, and vulture -type invasion like muddy water. On the one hand, it will have a negative impact on Chinese stock companies under the risk of conflict between China and the United States. On the other hand, it will also Forcing Chinese stock companies to be more rigorous in terms of performance, law, finance, credit, etc., so it may not be bad. Whether A shares are necessary to introduce the short -selling mechanism and short -selling environment are also issues that the capital market is worthy of attention and discussion.
    But on the other hand, even if China stock fluctuations and muddy water selling a series of problems will become one of the factors such as shells such as shells accelerate the return of Hong Kong stocks or A shares. Choose A shares and Hong Kong stocks, but choose to go public in the United States, let alone those who have poor quality startups. There should be a reason. Therefore, sometimes forced out, it is likely that it is not a problem for the enterprise itself, but the issue that A shares and Hong Kong stocks need to consider and explore to build a multi -level capital market and attract and retain more enterprises to list in China.
    . The shell is expressed.
    The allegations of muddy water, the shell first announced that it resolutely resisted the malicious short selling behavior of any organization, and stated that it would be demolished within 24 hours and reply to the report content one by one. The next day, the shell released a complete anti -sale report, and the allegations of muddy water responded one by one.
    The shells indicate that the report of muddy water has no factual basis, and there are a lot of facts errors, unconfirmed statements, and misleading speculation and interpretation. The report also shows that muddy water lacks a basic understanding of China's real estate trading industry. In addition, shells also stated that the independent audit committee has performed internal review of the main allegations in the muddy water report, and the independent third -party consultants hired by the Audit Committee will provide assistance and suggestions.
    . Summary.
    Specifically, shells indicate that in terms of GTV and new house transaction revenue, the method of catching transaction volume data of muddy water is incorrect. The transaction volume data captured by muddy water is also seriously inaccurate and lacking. The data is not from the real data of the company; in terms of the number of stores and agents, there are obvious defects of the number of empty stores and agents mentioned in muddy water. This is because the source of the information is incomplete.

  2. I think the shell should be true, and they have always resisted this malicious short selling behavior. For the entire industry, this behavior is an improper competition. This kind of thing can be checked as soon as it is checked.

  3. I think this response is very suitable. At the same time, we should resolutely resist such behaviors to avoid affecting the development of the market. I hope that other groups can change it if they have it.

  4. I think that such a response cannot explain anything, which has caused a certain impact. Such a response cannot persuade people.

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