How does Picasso become famous?

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  1. Picasso became famous through the oil painting "Avi Nong Girl".
    1906 Bitthaya was painted by the original carved monk painting of the African original, and turned to an exploration of a new style of painting. As a result, he drew a famous masterpiece "Avi Nong Girl", which is an incredible huge oil painting, marking a major turning point in Picasso's personal artistic process, which has caused the birth of the Cubic Movement.
    "Avi Nong Girl" was completed in 1906 and completed in 1907, during which it was revised many times. In fact, "Avi Nong Girl" is five ugly prostitutes. Picasso, who had suffered from sexually transmitted diseases to vent his resentment. He tried to ugly them. As a result, the good luck caught up, and the no aesthetic comic oil painting "Avi Nong Girl" made him famous.

    extension information
    Picasso character experience: Picasso has been very artistic since childhood, he will make wonderful paper cuts, and he has created many amazing amazing amazing staggering Painting works. The neighbors were sighing, calling him genius. However, this "genius" is not an excellent student. Classes are torture for him. When he listened to class, he either fantasies or watched the big trees and birds outside the window. Picasso has become the object of tricky classmates.
    In 1889, Picasso completed the first oil painting work "Bull Fighting"; in 1894, the work was displayed for the first time. In 1895, Picasso entered the Longha Art School in Barcelona. In 1897, he entered Madrid's Royal Saint -Fifan Duo Academy of Fine Arts. The oil painting work "Science and Charity" won the Madrid National Art Exhibition Honor Award, and later won the Gold Medal at Malaga.
    Reference information Source: People's Daily-Picasso's "Name Samadhi"

  2. When Picasso had only a dozen coins in his pocket in his early years, he hired a few college students with money and asked them to go to the Paris big and small painting shops every day. When leaving, they had to ask the owner of the painting shop: Is there any painting? Where can I buy his painting?
    It a month later he sold his work and became famous overnight.

  3. Before he became famous, he had only 15 silver coins. Picasso planned: During a month, one or two people wandered around each of the galleries in Paris every day, and asked: "Is there any Picasso's painting?" Make all painters inquire about Picasso everywhere. Silver coins hired a few college students and walked away.

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