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  1. The Bollinger indicator, the BOLL indicator, the full English name is "Bollinger Bands". The scope of the stock price and the future trend uses the band to display the safety of the stock price, which is also known as the Bollinger belt. The upper and lower limit range is not fixed, and it changes with the rolling of the stock price. The Bollinger indicator is the same path indicator like the Mike index Mike. The stock price fluctuations within the upper and lower limit range. The width of this stranded area changes with the size of the stock price fluctuation. When the shape area becomes wider, when the ups and downs are narrow, the band -shaped area becomes narrower.

  2. Bollinger is one of the technical indicators often used by professional and some old shareholders.
    This of this indicator is a path indicator, and the stock price usually fluctuates within the range of the upper and lower limit. The dynamic Qianlong's Bollinger line consists of 3 lines, that is, the lower limit is the support line, the upper limit is the resistance line, and the middle line is the midline. The trend resistance line is called Bolb1, which is represented by a white solid line; the bottom line is the support line of the trend, called Bolb4, which is represented by purple solid lines; Bolb2 is provided below Bolb1, which is expressed with yellow dotted lines; The other line above it is called Bolb3, which is expressed with a light blue solid line. The upper limit, lower limit, secondary limit, and sub -limit of the 4 lines are generally fluctuated in this zone range. As the width changes with the size of the stock price fluctuations, when the stock price increases, the leading area will become wider, the rise and fall will shrink, and the band -shaped area will narrow. Automatically adjust the position. Because of this mutation, the Bollinger has the characteristics of flexibility and conformity, it has both the nature of the channel, but also overcomes the weakness that the channel width cannot change.
    Blin line has the following major functions:
    1, the cloth line can indicate the support and pressure position of the support;
    2, the Bollinger can display superb, superb;
    3, cloth, cloth, cloth, cloth, cloth, cloth, cloth, cloth The forest line can indicate the trend;
    4, the Bollinger has a channel effect
    Bling line is very effective and convenient to use. Once the signal is clear, the use is flexible, it is subject to the professional person. Like, it is also one of the most common technical indicators in the international financial market.
    . In the normal range, the technology and methods used by the Bollinger line
    The normal range is usually the stock price runs within a certain width. In a relatively balanced state, the method of using the Bollinger at this time is very simple. 1. When the stock price crosses the upper limit pressure line (dynamic upper limit pressure line, static upper stress line Bolb1), selling point signals; 2, should be when When the stock price crosses the lower limit support wire (dynamic lower limit support line, static and lower support line Bolb4), buy some signals; 3, when the stock price crosses the middle boundary between the top to the top (static crossing Bolb3 from BOLB4), is an increase signal; 4, when the stock price is the stock price When crossing the middle line from top to bottom (static through BOLB1 through Bolb2), the signal of selling.
    . The usage method of rising in one side
    In a strong market, the stock price continuously Rising, usually the stock price runs between Bolb1 and BOLB2. When the stock price rises continuously for a long time, wearing Bolb1 on the stock price, the next day, wears Bolb1 and further break the Bolb2 to drive the BOLB1 curve and appear obvious inflection point from rising to flat. At this time, the signal of the selling.
    three, the meaning of the shrinkage:
    1, after the stock price declines several waves, it will often turn to a long period of narrow range. The upper and lower limit spaces are very small, getting narrower, and getting closer. The maximum price and lowest price difference of the stock price in the disk shows that the minimum price difference is very small. There is no profit space in the short -term. Not active and scarce in transaction volume. Those who pay close attention to this kind of shrinkage, because a large market may be brewing. Once the transaction volume increases, the stock price rises, the opening of the Bulin line expands, and the rise of the rise in the rise. N2, such as the Bollinger line at a high level, is extremely small. Once the stock price breaks down, the Bollinger line is enlarged, and the meaning of the one -round decline will be unavoidable:
    1. After the waves rose to the high position, the upper pressure line and the lowest support line opening of the Bollinger line reached a great extent, and when the opening could not continue to be enlarged and turned into contraction, at this time it was a signal. The wheel fell sharply or adjusted the market.
    2, when the stock price fell sharply through several waves, the opening of the upper limit and lower limit of the Bollinger could not continue to be enlarged. When the lower limit support line is then reduced from the bottom to the top, the decline will end in a round.
    five, the precautions of using the Bollinger line
    1, the setting of the parameter of the Bollinger must not be less than 6, static money The dragon value is usually 10; the dynamic Qianlong is usually 20.
    2. Pay attention to whether it is determined whether it is in the normal area or very state. Buy as the principle.
    3, use the opening to shrink, and it is easy to capture cattle stocks in the low position, but at high or once After shrinking, the stock price breaks downwards, and there will often be a bigger room for decline.
    4, which can be used with Bollinger lines and other indicators, the effect will be better, such as transaction volume, KDJ indicator, etc.

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