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  1. The top ten industries with the most prospects:
    1. Big data

    has always been inseparable from big data and business. With data, you can predict public preferences. Naturally, everyone wants to share a share. Everyone often emphasizes that these are private data, just to cover up such a fact: data is not just personal data, they have commercial value and industrial value. The current enterprise is extremely dependent on these data. To make a profit, the best way is to grasp the management of these data in hand.
    . Education
    The education industry is in modern times, and even in the future, whether it is children, college students, re -education, or elderly education, people will be widely valued, people are getting more and more Understand the importance of knowledge, the importance of education, the importance of technical ability.
    , at the same time, online education combined with the Internet has also made rapid progress in the industry development in recent years and has become an important force. The online education market share has emerged as an armed forces, which is very amazing. Based on the characteristics and advantages of online education, online schools have been recognized by more and more people, and various emerging online schools and related websites are becoming increasingly emerging.
    . Health Medicine
    The aging problem is prominent. There are more and more elderly people in China, and the proportion of population over 60 years old is increasing. It will drive the development of medical equipment, medicine, intelligent medical care, VR medical and other industries.
    In addition to aging issues, the population of the population of all ages is also getting higher and higher, and health, sports, and healthy diets also attract much attention.
    . New energy
    The country has always attached great importance to the development of new energy. Regardless of the development of environmental protection, politics, and economic development, the development of new energy is inevitable. New energy generally refers to the renewable energy sources developed and utilized on the basis of new technologies, including solar, biomass energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, wave energy, ocean flow and tidal energy, as well as thermal cycle between the surface and deep surface of the ocean surface and the deep layer. Essence
    5. New materials
    The discovery of new materials can be changed to a certain extent. my country promulgated the "New Material Industry Development Guide" in 2017. The series of industries promotes policies and support the promotion and application of the new material industry.
    6. Environmental protection
    Is environmental problems caused by industrial development, it has to attract the attention of the country and the public. The urban environmental protection industry is the rising industry of the world today. Since the 1990s, countries around the world have become increasingly. Attach importance to environmental issues, vigorously promote clean production technology, and the market size of environmental protection products and services is getting larger and larger.
    7. Financial, insurance
    The financial industry is a highly regulated industry. With the continuous innovation of technology, it has also brought new challenges to financial security. The central bank also established the Fintech Committee in 2017 It aims to strengthen the supervision of financial innovation. However, it is not difficult to see that the online finance and insurance industries have very large development prospects, attracting head players in various fields, and are constantly using their own brand, capital strength and shareholder background. Set up higher competition barriers in pricing.
    . The elderly service
    The aging of aging has not only promoted the development of health care, but also increased the development and construction of the elderly service center. The "2017 China Resident Consumption Development Report" released by the National Development and Reform Commission showed that in 2017, the elderly population over 60 years of age had exceeded 240 million, accounting for 17.3%of the total population. By 2020, the elderly population over the age of 60 will increase to about 255 million, accounting for about 17.8%. It is expected that in the middle of this century, my country will enter the stage of deep aging, and the elderly population will reach about 480 million.
    9. Pan Entertainment
    Pan -entertainment refers to the fan economy based on the multi -field symbiotic of the Internet and the mobile Internet to create a star IP (Property, intellectual property). The core is IP, which can be a story. , One character or anything else's favorite things.
    X. Biotechnology
    gene reorganization and cell fusion technology are the cornerstone of modern biotechnology. In recent years, many new technologies and new application areas have been developed on this basis. Improve the structure and activity of protein. Bio -nano technology can be used to make biosamins, biological chips and drug conveying systems. Tissue engineering technology can use stem cells to repair damaged organs. Essence

  2. Learning auto repair is still very good, and the prospects are very good. There are a lot of jobs that can be done by learning auto repair technology. Nowadays, car technology talent gaps are large. As long as you have good technical employment, it is definitely okay! It is recommended to learn carefully!
    The more and more auto repair stations and auto repair factories are now appearing. How about learning the employment prospects of auto repair? Is it okay to study the graduation work? Now discuss the employment prospects of learning auto repair.

    The industry situation
    The new changes in the automobile maintenance market In people's traditional concepts, the automotive maintenance industry is dirty and tired, and few people are willing to engage in this profession. rn随着我国汽车保有量的不断增加和改革的深入及高新技术的发展,我国的汽车维修企业近年来迅猛发展,并已开始走向成熟,汽车维修企业不断向大规模、高档次、 Develop high level.
    If new enterprises invested millions or tens of millions to build modern factory buildings, office buildings, professional dormitories, bathrooms and luxury business rooms, purchasing advanced maintenance equipment and testing instruments produced in the United States, Germany and other countries, old companies It is also decorated and added equipment.
    While paying attention to the investment of "hardware", it also pays attention to the level of "software". Technical workers must take on the job with a certificate of training, and pay attention to new technical training for automotive maintenance. All maintenance companies are taking the path of self -improvement and self -improvement.
    The changes in traditional maintenance methods. Because modern sedan has been high -tech from structure to control technology, it has not been able to use the past "technical car repair" method. car repair. Highly technological content of modern automobiles must adopt a non -disintegration method, diagnose the detector, correctly find the cause of failure and cause failure, and formulate a scheme to eliminate failure. This is a standardized car repair method.
    The current survey of the quality of employees. At present, the technical quality of employees in domestic maintenance companies is generally low, and the overall technical level cannot meet the needs of new automotive technology. Most of the current maintenance companies are high schools, junior high schools, and even primary school graduates, and a few come from various technical schools.
    The market conditions
    The auto industry in our country is unique and is in a state of rapid growth. On the one hand, cars are getting cheaper, and most people in China have car dreams. On the one hand, there is a huge car demand market in China, which largely stimulates the rising market of my country's auto repair industry.
    The news from a technician or technical director often heard the news of a technician or technical director. These have passed a signal: the auto repair talents are gradually fragrant, and the former "car repairman" will now rise.
    The good treatment of a good auto repair and maintenance master is quite good. The monthly salary of sheet metal technicians is even higher. If it is a senior technician, the monthly income is more. If you know more professional knowledge and new technologies, and good at repairing new cars and imported cars, what will be the salary.
    Is when more and more auto companies develop to the four -in -one (vehicle sales, spare parts sales, after -sales service and maintenance), those comprehensive auto repair talents with sales, management and maintenance experience have become The object of "digging" between automotive companies. According to some dealers in this city, in the auto repair industry, senior auto repair technicians generally lack.
    This auto repair is no longer the time when the traditional teacher -worship is learned. Now it is an era of both skills and education.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello,n1. Employment prospects for architecture are still optimisticnAlthough the real estate industry has faced a series of pressures in the near future, in the talent market, real estate -related majors, including construction, design, planning, sales and other talents, are still strong. With the increase in investment in infrastructure in the country and localities, the employment prospects of construction and real estate graduates are still optimistic. Especially in the past two years, related majors such as road and bridge construction have begun to heat up, which has made the planner of Luqiao popular. The employer said that this is mainly related to the increase in the upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the increase in the current urban infrastructure construction. The manufacturing upgrade is urgently needed to supplement fresh blood, and the infrastructure construction intensity is urgent to need professional talents.n2. Potential potential in special fields in medical majorsnWith the continuous deepening of the reform of the medical system, there will be more private hospitals, which will make students from medical majors more sought after. Moreover, due to the continuous increase in the pressure of people's work and life, the prevalence is also increasing. The existing medical system cannot fully meet the needs of society, which has formed the seller market in the medical industry. Therefore, medical professionals will become more and more popular. According to the analysis of relevant departments, talents engaged in medical medicine in the future will be popular, and healthcare doctors and family nurses will also become popular talents. In addition, the demand for nursing personnel who dedicated to personal service will also increase.n3. The level of art majors is continuously improvednTraditional majors, music, and performance majors have gradually revealed problems such as employment stenosis. Traditional art is constantly crossing with computer technology, industry, construction, management and other disciplines, and many new majors are derived. These majors have also become popular in recent years. At present, professional talents such as advertising design, industrial design, architectural design, environmental art design, public relations planning, animation production, game planning, game design and other professionals. The development of art majors is developing in the direction of multi -disciplinary discipline, and the application scope of practical art is getting wider and wider. If you do n’t understand physics and architecture, you ca n’t engage in architecture and decoration; you ca n’t make digital audio -visual works if you do n’t understand the computer. The employment pressure of "lame" graduates with severe lack of cultural classes must not be small.n4. Finance and finance professional adapt to the trendnFinance and finance are modern economy products. In ancient times, the agricultural economy and agricultural economy were mainly transliterated and simple currency circulation. There was no financial and finance at all. For example, in China, some financial theoretical views are scattered in various classics discussing the issue of "financial goods". As an independent discipline, it was first formed in the West, called "Monetary Banking". The financial science of modern China is introduced from the West, and there are various currency bank doctrine from classical economics to modern economics. Now, the employment of finance in China is mainly in the following areas: fund companies, securities companies, banks.n5. Good development prospects for e -commerce majorsnE -commerce usually refers to the widely -opened network environment in the world in the widespread commercial and trade activities around the world. Based on the browser/server application method, the buyers and sellers do not meet various business activities to achieve consumers' online shopping, and Online transactions between merchants and online electronic payment, and various typesnA new type of business operation model for business activities, transaction activities, financial activities and related comprehensive service activities. E -commerce students can engage in the background operation (network operation) of the bank after graduation, web design, website construction and maintenance of the website of the enterprise and institution, the maintenance of the network editing, the maintenance of the website content, and the network marketing (including international trade), corporate goods and corporate products and Professional work such as marketing planning, or engage in customer relationship management, e -commerce project management, e -commerce activities planning and operation, the development and maintenance of e -commerce system, and work in e -commerce teaching at all levels.n6. Good salary for civil aviation management majorsnLearning civil aviation management majors have higher salaries. In recent years, my country's civil aviation industry has developed rapidly. The Director of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China proposed at the National Civil Aviation Work Conference: By 2020, China will add more than 2,600 aircraft, and the Civil Aviation Administration will invest more than 500 billion yuan for airport construction. However, there is a huge gap in the civil aviation industry. Many private airlines have launched a talent war for this and dug a high salary. The average annual salary of outstanding domestic airlines is hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the salary level of foreign airline flight attendants is higher. In terms of employment of students in civil aviation management, salary is generally high and widely praised by employers.n7. Electronic informationnElectronic information is an emerging high -tech industry, known as the Chaoyang industry. According to the analysis of the Ministry of Information Industry, the period of "15th" is a critical period for the development of electronic information in my country. It is expected that the electronic information category will still develop rapidly at a rate of about twice as high as the economic growth rate, and the prospects are very broad. The IT industry has developed rapidly, and electronic information has also become a hot major. The focus of future development is the industry, software industry and integrated circuits such as electronic information products; emerging communication businesses such as data communication, multimedia, Internet, telephone information services, mobile phone text messages The business will also expand rapidly; it is also worthy of attention to the cultural and technological industry, such as online games. In addition, the demand for e -commerce and interactive media, database development and software engineering is also very large. With the increasingly deeper level of computers and the Internet, the development prospects are quite large.n8. Legal categorynAs the legal awareness of the whole people is gradually increasing, the corporate legal awareness is also increasing, and the concept of synthesis is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The demand for legal professionals will be greatly improved. As a result, the legal category has become one of the best prospects. In the context of governing the country according to law, in the long run, the legal category, as a Chaoyang discipline, has great development prospects for their graduates. Due to government departments' demand for legal graduates. The employment prospects of legal graduates are very broad. They are police officers, prosecutors, judges, and administrative agencies. EssencenMore 16nBleak

  4. Hi. The top ten industries with the most prospects in the future: robots, smart homes, new energy transportation, green buildings, 5G construction, biological vaccine, health sports, service industry, pension industry (aging), medical industry. I hope it will be helpful to you, hope to adopt, and I wish you a happy life.

  5. 1. Learn the hot industry, high -paying occupations, and never unemployment. As people's needs, it is not an emerging industry and will not be eliminated. Only the dishes are the other, and there will be no replacement of the product. 2. The chef develops well and enhances the space. Chefs and administrative chefs are currently scarce talents, and they are also the goals of learning chefs. The positions of high salary and shortage will only appear in the catering industry. The chef will always be your first choice. 3. Learn chefs are small and large in return. No matter where you are, no matter your poor and rich, as long as you are willing to work hard, you can have your own career without investing in millions. 4. The cooking chef spends less time, and the employment is fast. Easy to learn, easy to understand, starting point is zero. Starting from the foundation, as long as you do it, you can learn the course. 5. With the rapid development of the catering industry, school -enterprise cooperation, strong joining forces, let you worry about employment anymore.

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