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  1. Users search Barba farm with Alipay and click to enter. Click on fertilization, click on the homepage of Baba Farm, click Fertilizer. After jumping out of the fertilization challenge, you can participate in the Tmall Farm Fertilization Challenge Game, PK, you can have fertilizer.

    The operation steps below are operated by iPhone12 and Taobao 10.3.20 version of the iOS14.7 system.

    How to get Alipay Barba Farm Fertilizer?
    1. Baba Farm does not do the order of ordering. The fertilizer that can be obtained every day is between 14,000 and 14,900. If the ordering task is completed, it is between 35,000 and 35,900 fertilizers. 2. Many people do not know that the task on the Taobao APP on the Baba Farm is different from Alipay. That is to say, if you plan to play Barba farm seriously, you need to do Taobao and Alipay's task together. It is common. 3. There are fertilizer tasks on Taobao, "Daily check -in, share with friends, help friends, visit selected products, receive 500 fertilizer gift packages, browse the gold coin manor to get fertilizer Or the super -benefited channel, watch the Taobao live pads, click to collect it next to the fruit tree, buy the product to get 10,000 materials, and click on the fruit tree. "

    How to quit the team in Baba Farm?
    Is when the user uses Baba farm, if you participate in the combination, you can withdraw from the team at any time and exit in the management. In addition, the fertilizers applied will be returned in a certain proportion. A total of four steps were withdrawn from the Barba Farm. 1. Open the Taobao APP and then click on the Baba Farm in the home menu bar; 2. After entering the farm, click on the personal avatar at the top troops frame; Click to exit the union, and finally click to confirm to leave.

    can Alipay's farm really give fruit?
    First of all, this is the official activity, so it must be true. Secondly, there are indeed many people who have raised fruit trees, so everyone can also play with confidence. Alipay Barba Farm can only be finished on Taobao and Tmall before. Now Ant Manor can also be played. It is actually like Pinduoduo. Grow up, mature, and then receive physical fruits for free. The farm is still more reliable, and the farm can participate in Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, and the data is interoperable.

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