The Ministry of Finance: How can I interpret this move to transfer 3.5 billion US dollars assets to the Swiss Trust Fund?

4 thoughts on “The Ministry of Finance: How can I interpret this move to transfer 3.5 billion US dollars assets to the Swiss Trust Fund?”

  1. After the "pseudo-Afghan government" fell in the United States, the United States frozen the foreign exchange reserves stored in the United States, and also used a part of it privately, saying that it was "compensated the victim of the 9-11 incident." Recently, the United States has made articles on this money again. Anyway, it will not easily allow the Taliban government, which has mastered the Afghan government to get the saving money of the Afghan people. The United States announced on Wednesday that it will transfer $ 3.5 billion in Afghan Central Bank assets to a new trust fund headquartered in Switzerland, because it is necessary to ensure that the money is used without the Taliban government of the Afghanistan. It can only be said that this approach in the United States is a hooligan.
    Trifutual strategic position controlled by Taliban is very important. It is located in the center of Eurasia. The United States and Soviet Union are scrambling to dominate the place. Unfortunately, they have lost their merits. Nothing to do, it also confirms the important value of this area. In August last year, the United States finally withdrawn from Afghanistan, ending this 20 -year war, leaving a feathers. Although the war has ended, there is still a large amount of wealth of Afghanistan being detained by Americans, including this. $ 3.5 billion in funds. Although the United States has evacuated from here, it still wants remote control Taliban. The United States intends to use this fund to push the Afghan Taliban government, hoping that Taliban can fall to himself. If Taliban listens to the United States, Washington will not only hand over the $ 3.5 billion funds to the Central Bank of Afghanistan to manage. Give less money to Taliban.
    In withdrawal does not mean that the United States wants to abandon Afghanistan. The United States just wants to change a way to control Afghanistan in a relatively cheap and cost -effective way. US Deputy Secretary of Financial Secretary Adoyo said that only when the Afghan Central Bank can prove that he will not be intervened in political intervention, the "Afghan Fund" will provide the Afghan Central Bank with the $ 3.5 billion in funds. my country ’s rogue approach to Lao Mei scoffs. The United States frozen is the hard -earned money of the Afghan people. It should be returned to Afghanistan. The government is not hindered by the country’ s people ’s livelihood and peaceful construction. 40 million Afghaners are in severe hunger.
    The $ 3.5 billion funds released by the United States will be stored in the International Clear Bank of Switzerland. According to the United States, the so -called "Afghan Fund" headquartered in Geneva will replace the core functions of the central bank of Afghanistan, such as paying power imports, repaying international arrears, and may be responsible for printing currency. After the U.S. military evacuated, the United States cut off aid to Afghanistan and frozen the Assets of the Afghanistan. Many projects have stopped, and thousands of Afghanians have lost their sources of work and life. Afghanistan's human rights and economic crises are worsened, and the state reconstruction is difficult.

  2. The Biden government announced on Wednesday that it would transfer half of the previous frozen Afghan Central Bank's foreign exchange reserves to a trust fund in Switzerland on the grounds that to ensure that the money was used without the Taliban government of Afghanistan.

  3. The US Treasury Department stated in a statement that the "Afghan Fund" will preserve the $ 3.5 billion and "targeted payment" to help Afghanistan's economy "greater stability". It is reported that this $ 3.5 billion can be used to pay power imports in Afghanistan; pay for the debt of international financial institutions, thereby protecting Afghanistan to obtain development assistance. In addition, the money can also provide funds for Afghanistan to print new currencies.

  4. From this measure, we can see that the United States does not keep reputation and has not returned money to Afghanistan, which has seriously affected the development of Afghanistan.

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