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  1. There is no need to say more about the ups and downs of 2020, because each of us is a witness and a witness. Here we look back at my gains and losses in the past year. Expand in three aspects, projects, content, and investment. This is also the three aspects that I have focused on the investment after all in crypto in the past three years. Communicate and discuss with readers and friends.


    This first talk about the project. A lot of things were experienced in 2020. The cow ghosts and snake gods in the currency circle, heaven and hell, and black and white are considered to have seen a lot. In the second half of the year, DEFI was hot, grabbed a waist, and transplanted some popular Defi projects, and the market response was flat (YFII replicated YFI's success is difficult to copy). Players in the domestic currency circle are still dominated by speculation. If they push DEFI in this market, the cost of user education is too high. What decentralized wallets, what to govern tokens, and what DAO voting, these domestic currency circle players who lack technical practical ability and democratic autonomy experience are quite high.

    . This wave can be said that the Bitcoin institutions replaced retail investors, DEFI replaced ICO, market logic and gameplay have undergone fundamental changes. Not narrowing. Before the last round of the bull market, we still did not lose Westerners. Now it is getting away. The reason is comprehensive, some from bottom to top, and top -down, inconvenient to say, leaving a point of sigh.

    In terms of public account writing, my writing style is also adjusted and tested. 2018-2019 is based on the depth of the low frequency (thousands of words, tens of thousands of words). In the second half of 2019, the problem of gravity was basically stagnant. From February to April of 2020, the form of "teaching chain for a week" discussed by the topic discussion of community topics is still mainly low-frequency and long text. A total of 7 issues were compiled, and less than 40,000 words were compiled.

    . After writing a few depth long texts from May-June, I decided to write a serial on June 23, created at a faster day, and wrote for 100 days in a row to complete the length of a book to complete the length of a book. Essence This is the book "Bitcoin History". Although its content is deep, comprehensive, and quoted, its creative process is improvised. Being able to export a series of depth content in consecutive output with only amateur and leisure time, thanks to the in -depth research on Bitcoin, especially Bitcoin history and Satoshi Nakamoto in previous years. Many materials are installed in their heads, and you can directly click the picture when you use it. The writing process in the middle is very hard, and there are very few interruptions. But after all, it is basically completed as planned. This series has about 280,000 words (rough, and some waste drafts are also calculated).

    This to read the complete works of "Bitcoin History" here 100 articles [link].

    In more than 3 consecutive months of writing, I continued the habit of the day more public account (occasionally omissions). After the serialization of Shihua in mid -October, I continued to write until the end of the year. During this time, I wrote more than 60 prose, with a total of about 180,000 words.

    The above three parts are the constituent structure of nearly 500,000 words of writing. In 2021, I will continue to output and insist on writing.


    In terms of investment, following the significant losses (-46.78%retracement) in 2018, 2019 small surplus (32.66%) Line, after that, Bitcoin sang all the way. By the end of the year, it had exceeded 20,000 knives, and finally closed at a high of $ 28,779 at 12/31. Three years of bear market, crossing the storm, finally ushered in the dawn of the bull market. In the past 2020, BTC's new investment rate was 119%, and all BTC asset yields reached 237%. The scale of BTC assets increased by 5.69 times compared with 2019. The comprehensive yield of full assets is about 220%weak (because UNI has not yet won the BTC).

    The early November 2020 I started to build a library (Uniswap) on the basis of the BTC bottom warehouse. After analysis and judgment, I chose to enter the field at a low point near $ 2.1. By 12/31, it closed at a high of $ 4.84. The cumulative yield of 2 months was 46.59%. The first half of the warehouse plan is currently completed, and the next 2021 will still adhere to the established plan.

    It can be seen that UNI's yield still failed to win BTC. One of the investment concepts I often say is that if even BTC can't win, why should you invest? It's better to buy BTC. The same is true for entrepreneurial projects. If you make money to make money, you can't win the BTC, that is, what is the meaning of losing money?

    Theast I have confidence is that UNI has not yet erupted. When it breaks out, there will be a lot of opportunities to win BTC. The specific reasons, analysis and judgment are all in my article. Some friends see my layout of UNI and ask my investment expectations. My reply is that insisting on investing, I will get 10 times first.

    The investment philosophy of investing in this market in this market, practical polishing, and pro -testing is actually very simple. Do a good job of funding planning, batch warehouses, and adhere to long -termism. Essence My requirement for the membership of the membership is to invest a BTC. The suggestion of fund management will always invest in 10 years of free money to invest. The upper limit is controlled within 10%of the current value of Bitcoin assets, and so on.

    The membership and friends who invest in my position according to my concept and principles, and refer to my positions to invest in members and friends. I have harvested a happy 2020, and I have a hopeful 2021 in my heart. On the New Year's Eve New Year's Eve, I received a few thanks from several members of members. I also thank them too for walking along the way. My desire for planetaries' encryption investment clubs is that in the next 3-5 years, most members can achieve 8-digit "small goals" through encryption investment.


    . I compiled a simple and durable book list, which was selected from the books I read during the entrepreneurial and investment period in the past years. I think It is worth reading again. The underlying knowledge structure shaped by these books plays a cornerstone role for the establishment of a real -proof and effective investment system.

    (book list)

    Among them, the left side is philosophy and sociology, and the middle is economics (note that there are thoughts of different genres with each other here), the right on the right It is a historical material for the popular science popularization of financial business and the principle of Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto. Schopenhauer's evaluation of Kant's "Pure Rough Criticism" said that I was impressed. He said that some books in the world look very thick, but it is actually very thin, and some books look thin, but some books look very thin, but some books look very thin, but some books look very thin, but some books look thin, but Reading is actually very thick. This book list is not large. Compared with many readers read hundreds of books a year, it is very thin; however, this very thin book list is actually very thick to read. The classics are really worth reading again.

    Is readers and friends can also open the volume to benefit and benefit endless benefits.


    In terms of life, I deliberately reduced the use of cars in 2020, more public transportation green travel, saving energy and increased happiness. During the epidemic, the main exercise method is to visit the park. In the summer, I tried to restore long -distance running. After 5 kilometers of legs, my legs were painful, so I suspended long -distance running and changed to some lightweight activities. The family is healthy and healthy, without disease and disaster. The baby is happy, and my wife and I have no chicken baby.

    Sometimes thinking about it, the so -called entrepreneurial, writing, reading, investment, life, and even raising baby may have the nature of the philosophical nature of the philosophy.

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