3 thoughts on “Is the Fire Phoenix MLM?”

  1. Whether the Fire Phoenix is ​​MLM, it is necessary to judge according to the specific operation and operation mode.
    "Forbidden MLM Regulations"
    The MLM referred to in Article 2 This regulation refers to the organizer or operator developer. Based on calculation and paying for compensation, or requiring developers to obtain illegal interests to obtain qualifications on the condition of paying certain fees, disturb economic order, and affect social stability.
    3 The local people's governments at or above the county level shall strengthen the leadership of the investigation and punishment of MLM, and support and urge relevant departments to perform their supervision and management duties in accordance with the law.
    The local people's governments at or above the county level shall establish a coordination mechanism for investigating and dealing with pyramid schemes as needed, and timely coordinate and solve major issues in the investigation and punishment of MLM.
    It 4 industrial and commercial administrative management departments and public security organs shall investigate and deal with pyramid scope in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.

  2. Hello friends, it depends on what the mode is taken, so that it is easy to distinguish. Look at the pictures and communicate

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