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  1. Methods for the dogs for dogs:
    1. Go to the quarantine bureau to apply for quarantine certificate, carrying a health certificate provided by the epidemic prevention department, injection prevention immune proof and animal quarantine certificate; Since pets can only be packed in the cargo cabin as a check -in luggage, passengers must go to the freight department 70 minutes in advance to go through the check -in procedure;
    3, put the dog in the cage after filling in the form after filling in the form, then bring the cage over the scale, and then return to it back to return. When you go to the room to fill in the table, pay the money according to the weight. After paying the money, you will receive a pick -up list, or you can go to the waiting room to prepare for boarding;
    4. The necessary documents of the country to complete the check of dogs.

  2. Random consignment steps:
    1️⃣ confirmed that there is an oxygen cabin. Call the airline, whether there is an oxygen warehouse you selected (do not buy tickets first, confirm that the model has an oxygen compartment before buying), some airlines stipulate that the aerobic compartment needs to be reserved (such as China Eastern Airlines, you need to fill in it, you need to fill in it. Small animal transportation application, Sichuan Airlines and others do not need) generally the models will be discharged one week before the flight departure, so you can't ask too much in advance, but you can ask after 4 or 5 days, the general model will not be available Too much change (personal experience).
    2️⃣ After confirming that there is an oxygen warehouse, there must be a air box suitable for dogs. The dog can stand and turn into a measure. Select the thick material of the housing, and then buy the net bag outside the airbox to prevent unexpected situations. The hairy children will not be shot and killed by the airport from the airport. Economic permission can choose the Petmate brand. Specific air boxes and net pockets

  3. Vaccine: Pick vaccine one month in advance, try not to be hit a few days before departure, because the dog's resistance may decrease in a short period of time after the vaccine is injected; , Not afraid of pressing, dogs are private, and ventilation is better; epidemic prevention certificate: The animal quarantine qualification certificate issued by animal supervision institutes can only issue quarantine certificates after 21 days after the rabies vaccination. And it is only valid within 5 days after the certificate is issued, so we must plan the flight time and the vaccine time; board the aircraft: put the dog in the airbox before departure, and reinforce it around with tape, and reach the airport freight office three hours in advance. Essence Weighing, paying, passing security inspection, picking up the goods; extraction: reach the destination, go to the luggage collection place, and collect the dog back.

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  5. How do dogs go through the consignment procedures? You go to the place where you go to the air to check this consignment method.

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