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  1. Many people now like to raise some small pets at home. Because with pets at home, it will add a warm feeling at home. Many students also want to raise some small pets at home. Because students have less time at home and do not have much energy to take care of their pets, then I will take everyone to take a look at what pets are more suitable as students to raise at home?
    . Hamsters
    hamsters are cute and cute, and they have harvested a large number of small fans. His soft and cute image and mini physique make people's desire to protect. At the same time, the little hamsters are also very easy to raise. They do not need a particularly large activity space, and they do not need a lot of exercise. Prepare them hamster huts and wood chips, as well as food they love to eat, a little water. They will stay in it happily. For the Student Party, a small cage can satisfy ownership of the hamster. Moreover, the breeding cost of hamsters is relatively low, and basically it will not cost a lot of money, which is more suitable for the student party. But hamsters also have some flavors, so we can use some spice sand in the treatment of hamster feces, so as to reduce the irritating smell.
    , rabbit
    "Bunny obedient" many people are attracted by the rabbit's adorable appearance. The area of ​​rabbits is not very large, and it is also very pleasing. Although the rabbit jumps alive, it only needs to walk around occasionally. When raising rabbits, we can feed rabbits some green leaves such as grass and vegetables. This kind of plant is very common on campus or outdoor, so it will not cost much money in the feeding of rabbits. Occasionally, it is very good to take a little rabbit on the lawn on the lawn in a sunny afternoon, and the lawn is also very common at school. It does not need to go to specific occasions and save a lot of trouble.
    Is when determined to feed a pet, he should be responsible for breeding him. It must not only be good to it when it is needed, and pets are also life, and we have to treat life more well. Now that you choose to feed, you must be responsible.

  2. You can choose Labrador. This is a particularly good dog, and the IQ is particularly high in life, and it is not very troublesome to belong to large dogs. You can also choose a whale or a turtle to raise a small hamster to choose a snail.

  3. 1. You can raise a weird Persian cat. 2. Raise a dog. Dogs are most humane and can accompany their children to grow. 3. Cute little hamsters are also children's favorite.

  4. You can raise a turtle, good at nourishing, do not need to go out, goldfish is suitable for nourishing koi, which means good meaning. It is a relatively good variety in goldfish.

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