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  1. Many families now like to raise pet dogs, but you know that puppies are also particular about feeding. The following is the basic principle of breeding of pet dogs that I have carefully organized for you. Let's take a look.

    The basic principles of pet dog breeding
    1. Types of dog food

    Dog food mainly has two categories of dry food and canned food, the other is snacks Big biscuits, deodorant biscuits, beef jerky and so on. The main nutritional ingredients of various brands are similar, the price is high, and there are special food formulas. For various ages and varieties, there are different considerations and can be compared in advance. According to the growth age, let the dog eat the dog food suitable for it. Those who eat puppies, adult dogs eat into dogs, old dogs eat old dogs, fat dogs eat fat dogs, do not confuse, lest too fat or thin. The nutritional content of dry food is relatively stable and average. From chewing, the dog can clean up the dental stones by the way and relieve itching. However, if there is a problem of urinary stones, try to avoid eating dry food unless it is a prescription feed for stones. The canned food is high and low, and the nutritional components are also different. High -priced, using better materials; canned food at low prices is mostly many unsustainable internal organs. The advantage is that the vitamin ingredients are not easy to lose, the palatability is better, the disadvantage is that there are many meats, and the bowel movements are during defecation. The smell is stronger, and it is easy to grow lithoscope after eating for a long time. Dry food is not as good as canned food, but it is easy to digest and absorb, and bowel movements are not so smelly.

    The snacks can be used for life training and basic training. Don't give dogs often to eat the snacks, it is easy to damage its appetite. Mouth gum, ice cream, cake, these desserts are less beautiful, on the one hand, it is prone to tooth decay. It is easy to gain weight on the one hand. After eating too much sweetness, the biggest problem is to cause dogs to have appetite.

    2. Different types of dogs have different components

    When puppies are born, they eat breast milk; weaning when long teeth, you can start feeding its liquid food, Canned meat heating into boiling water into a paste, or soaked in hot water for young and dry food. By two months old, you can start eating big dog food.

    The large dogs are large and growing fast. You can add some nutrients such as calcium powder to the dinner, but you must take it according to the doctor's instructions and instructions. Some people raised large dog fighting dogs who like to feed them with raw meat and let them get used to blood, which is very dangerous; because of unpopular meat, it is raw. Secondly, after eating habits raw meat, when the owner forgets to feed or abandon, it may endanger people. Many dogs attacked people.

    . The number of feeding and time

    The number of daily feeding is roughly as follows: after weaning, three to four to six months old: Two ~ Three times, six months to one year old: two years or more: the time for feeding can cooperate with your schedule, but it is not fed. Consider adding the dogs and urinating, urinating, urinating, and urinating. The time for clearing pots and washing dishes. Wash the bowl immediately after a meal, so as not to cause the residue to attract mice, cockroaches, ants, or too many foods left by the sun and corruption. Take a bowl at the same time, so as not to play the bowl of bowls and even bite. As for how much feeding, it is usually given in accordance with the instructions, and then adjust according to whether there is any surplus of the last food.

    . The consideration of buying imported food

    This to buy imported food, as much as possible to find Chinese descriptions as much as possible, and attached the row number of importers. The canned dry food from the ocean may exceed the valid period, if there is odor and mold. Wet and long worm, immediately ask the boss to return, not to be polite. After opening, it must be preserved properly. The tank should be put in the refrigerator and the dry food must be sealed. When you buy it for the first time, do n’t buy too much. You can buy a small amount of two or three to see the reaction after eating the puppy; including palatability. The degree of digestion and absorption, and the shape of the excrement. Each variety says that their products are the best, cheap and large bowls. May wish to ask doctors and experienced people.

    5. How much to eat to be suitable

    It for dogs to eat as long as seven minutes. Running and jumping, it was easy to spit out. The puppy that is located in the cage all year round is that they are rare entertainment, so they will be like a starving ghost. Don't be deceived by them. They think they are really hungry. But always not eat enough, the amount of activity is not large, and the dogs with poor excretion may be really sick. It is best to take it to see a doctor. When changing food for dogs, don't change all of them all at once. Each time you mix half of new foods, try two or three days, gradually increase new weights, and then use new ones one week later. Only the dog's digestive system can adapt, otherwise it is easy to get diarrhea. Many people think that dogs just want to bones. In fact, bones are easy to block the dog's intestines, causing constipation, causing vomiting and appetite to deteriorate. Especially the chicken bones are urgent, because it is small and crispy, it is easy to plug the esophagus and pierce the gastrointestinal and intestines. When feeding, be sure to give sufficient water at the same time. There is no need to use distilled water and boiling water. Their gastrointestinals do not care about these

    In short, regular, quantitative, fixed -point feeding, puppies are happy, and the whole family is happy.
    In how to lose weight of dogs

    The most important key to weight loss is to pay attention to intake and consumption. The consumption and intake amount can be balanced, or even the consumption is less than the consumption, which can achieve the purpose of weight loss.

    The method of feeding weight loss feed to reduce calories and consumes human weight loss, which is to reduce diet, or only eat vegetables, vegetables and vegetables, but this depressed method of weight loss cannot be implemented on dogs, because for dogs , "Eating" is a kind of nature. Although people can control their eating habits through their willpower, dogs cannot use the weight to reduce food to achieve weight loss; The dog cannot suppress the hunger by himself, and the desire to eat will become stronger and stronger, forcing him to continue and go around, find any food that can be eaten, and let go of nothing. The result is worse!

    . Therefore, when dogs lose weight, the most important thing is that it cannot change the amount of food, but you can feed the weight loss prescription. The size of the particle weight of weight loss feed is no different from ordinary feed, but the cellulose in these feeds increases, so that the dog feels full, but the calories are not so high. The amount of food has reduced his calories and achieved the purpose of letting a dog lose weight.

    . Diet management

    It only one or two times a day, eat eight points after walking

    After the world, its gastric capacity has also increased, and the food that is eaten at once can basically provide the energy required throughout the day. In order to maintain the health of the dog, the principle of feeding is to make it full of eight points.

    How to calculate the amount of food supply

    It can observe the amount of dogs within 3-4 days, and then calculate the average daily supply amount, then reduce this amount slightly a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit a bit After letting it eat light, I want to eat it again, which is almost the so -called "eight full". If you make it full every day, it is easy to cause obesity, you must strictly abide by the principle of eight -point fullness.

    The daily feeding time must be fixed

    The feeding time can be selected in the morning or evening. , So that it has a regular life every day. The just -growing adult dogs are lively and active, and their physical energy consumption is large. Therefore, we must pay attention to providing foods with rich nutrition and high calories.

    In order to prevent it from being too fat, try not to feed other foods except meals. However, in order to make its teeth, bones, and jaw more strong, it can occasionally give it some high cow bones or pork bones with high calcium. It's not good to eat too much bone, it is enough to give it twice a week.

    Mo how to change dedicated dog food from family meals

    It if you plan to change from feeding meals to feeding for special dog food, you can mix the family meals and then mix some some. Dog food (such as Anbei dog food) to feed, and then slowly increase the proportion of special dog food every day. If the dog does not like to eat, you can fast for 1-2 days. This will not have much impact on dogs. As long as you persist for a while, dogs will get used to eating special dog food.

    The precautions in the diet of aging dogs

    Preaters are longer than large outdoor dogs. Although each dog is not exactly the same, it is usually called an active period when it is 2-7 years old, and after 8-9 years old, it is equivalent to the middle age of a person. Since then, dogs will slowly lose vitality and gradually appear the characteristics of elderly dogs. The dog metabolism that entered the elderly has gradually declined, and the calories consumed have also decreased. The health problem must be mentioned. This period can be fed with foods with low protein content and less fat content. At the same time, the gastrointestinal function of the old dog is not good, and the amount of activity is very easy to cause constipation, so it can add some plant fibers to it. If the old dog's teeth are not very good, you can change the hard -dedicated dog food to a softer dog food.

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