Why do dogs eat grass?

In the past two days, our dogs have eaten grass. And eat very fragrant. why

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  1. First, the main reason for dogs to eat grass: In order to cure the disease, because the dog's physique itself has the function of He Chengwei, he does not need to involve vitamin C. But sometimes this function of dogs will fail. Because of the loss of this function, it is impossible to make vitamin C by themselves, which will reduce their anti -virus disease, so they will eat grass to supplement vitamin C. In addition, when the dog is uncomfortable, you will also find a plant root containing salicylic acid to eat (salicylic acid is also the raw material we make aspy).
    Secondly, in fact, you can observe it carefully. When the dog has swallowed grass, if it is locked in the room where there is no grass in the room, the dog will swallow, such as fragmented, plastic bags, paper towels and even small rubber toys. Wait for other objects. If the owner is more vigilant when the dog is found to eat grass frequently, it must be that the dog's body is seriously lacking vitamins, stuffing things, and different eclipse. At this time, the dog must supplement a variety of vitamins.
    Mi parents to eat vegetables for dogs, but they often find that they have been eaten for a long time or have not improved. It is because there are only a few vitamin types contained in vegetables, which is not enough to supplement vitamins lacking in the dog's body.

  2. The first one is probably because of the stomach discomfort and wants to vomit to eat grass. This is the behavior of the animal itself. They cause nausea by eating grass, so that the objects in the stomach are difficult to digest. Sometimes it ’s not only eating grass, but also soil and stones. I have seen the most exaggerated thing is to use my mouth to lick the ground with my mouth and my tongue. This situation hopes that the owner will stop it, pay more attention to its diet in the future, and don't let it eat things that are difficult to digest, such as hard bones, wood and other things.
    The second is the "alienity" of animals. Alcohol mainly includes eating grass, eating soil, eating your own stools, etc. There is no reason. It is the same reason to eat and play. It is the same as having a variety as humans. It is simply eating and playing. In this case, the owner must stop it. At the same time, pay attention to adjusting the diet and improved the behavior of different foods in the usual life. Do not feed the meat too much. This can reduce the burden on the dog's gastrointestinal and add health medicine to the food to promote digestion. You can also add some trace elements appropriately. To supplement the minerals needed for various body that are difficult to get in the usual diet.
    Stobic habit mainly derived from the trace elements of the dog's body. So what you want to eat to add. Eating some healthy grass foods can improve gastrointestinal function. However, the leaves and leaves are difficult to digest. When the dog is eaten by mistake, it will be difficult to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, enhance the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, cause dog digestion, and vomiting. At the same time, when the dog's body lacks trace elements, minerals, and vitamin C, the dog also eats grass. At this time, you can give the dog some MAG Jinwei him, developed for dogs, supplemented more than 40 vitamins and minerals.
    but dogs eating grass outside is a very bad and dangerous behavior, because there may be poisonous germs or even some grass in the grass, which will cause physical damage after eating.
    If you find that your dog has a grass, no matter what kind of reason, the first is to stop, and the second is to give it more fruits and vegetables.

  3. Hello, if the dog is eating grass, it ’s normal to eat stones or walls. It is the lack of trace elements. Dogs eat grass. It is normal to go to eat grass so that grass can help him digest the dirt in his belly. It is normal that if you do n’t give him too much, it ’s not normal. I hope to help you ..

  4. Hello: Lack of trace elements and minerals will be eaten. Now there are nutrient grass for dogs and cats, the main breeding dogs eat, clean and hygienic, huh ~

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