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  1. There are several good dogs; 1. Yorkonia; don't look at Yokxia is a long -haired dog, but in fact it is not easy to lose hair, and because of small body shape, it does not require too much exercise. For the owner, the owner is Passion and loyalty, for strangers to retreat.
    2. French bullfighting dog; French bullfighting dog, quiet personality, rarely barking, is very suitable for apartment feeding in cities, and does not need to sort out the hair frequently. It is easy to get along with other dogs. It's a well -behaved companion.
    3. Sherry; Sherry is brave, vigilant, and also tamed. He is very friendly, clever, likes to please the owner, and likes people who like the same kind. It is a pet that is very suitable for family breeding.
    4. Teddy; Teddy is one of the cosmetic styles of the poodle. It is a constitution that is not easy to get rid of hair and easy to take care of. The cute shape and the personality of being close to others have always been loved by young people.
    5. Little deer dogs; Little deer dogs, because of the shape, like deer, also known as deer dog, native to Germany. Natural talent, active personality, and enthusiasm for human beings. Although it is not barking, it is still very highly alert and is a very good family dog.

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