3 thoughts on “After answering pets, dogs at home often have strange smells. How to deal with it?”

  1. First: The treatment of anal glands
    This dogs are particularly smelly, which is actually very reasonable with the anal glands. Therefore, if your dog has a heavy body and it tastes well, then you must pay attention to whether it is caused by the obstacles of the anal glands. The dogs who handle the anal glands on a regular basis will not have a particular smell on the body, so on this issue, the shoveling officer must not be lazy.
    : Regularly wash the beauty for the dogs
    The dogs that are raised, no matter what you raised, you should regularly give the dog to wash the dogs. Dogs often go out, so it is inevitable to contaminate some dirt. If these dirt does not clean up for a long time, it will become odor. Imagine if you don't take a bath for a few months, don't you smell smelly? Regularly wash the dogs, which can not only make the dog hair handsome, but also reduce the experience of the dog as much as possible.
    Third: Frequently ventilation at home
    The family dogs must often ventilate and change air. This can discharge indoor dirty air and bring fresh air. If it is inconvenient to open windows and ventilation, you can buy the purifier with filtering and purification function at home. In addition, put the dog's toilet in the bathroom. In such a closed environment, you can directly open the fan to discharge the odor without affecting other places. Another point is that you must train dogs from an early age and do not pull up urine everywhere.

    Fourth: Dog equipment is cleaned and disinfected in time
    Stric dogs are often used by dogs, especially those with close contact with dog cushion and other utensils. Be sure to clean and disinfect in time. These things are directly exposed to the dog's skin, which is most likely to contaminate the dog's taste. If they are not cleaned in time, they will become a lame launch, so that the air in the home will never be fresh.
    Fifth: Cleaning is thorough. Disinfection must be necessary
    The dog breeding family must do a good job of cleaning daily. You can add some disinfectant to the water when you mop the ground. It can be disinfected, you can taste it again. In addition, you can buy pet removal agents. For example, K Fei in Xinan flagship store is very good, which is very helpful to eliminate odor. If necessary, you can also buy it.

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