1 thought on “What is the reason for pet dogs to get angry?”

  1. The reason for getting angry:
    1, the weather is hot or what is eaten, which is caused by a lot of fire. This is more common
    2. The precursor of illness is a precursor to illness, and it will appear before fever. In this case, you must observe it carefully. If you have any situation, you need to seek medical treatment in time
    3, and then there may be a problem of cleaning.
    4. Sometimes the salt content in the food will also get angry.
    When dogs get angry, many eye feces are often secreted on the eyes, and the eye feces are dry, and the temperature of the dog will increase slightly. The wet nose will also become dry. When dogs have these symptoms, parents can judge that puppies are getting angry and they need to reduce the fire as soon as possible.
    The method of helping the dogs fall fire as follows:
    1. You can try to eat some raw egg white for the dog, which is very useful. It's just that some dogs eat raw egg whites, but as long as it is not feeding every day, it will not have much effect. Of course, you must pay special attention when you eat egg whites for dogs. Do not feed too much, because eating too much egg whites dogs are prone to diarrhea. This point is to depend on the gastrointestinal conditions of their dogs.
    The dragon diarrhea liver Chinese medicine says "eyes walking liver", parents can buy "dragon diarrhea liver" for dogs, but this medicine is water pill, which is not easy to feed. We can take the dog The dogs love to eat foods, wrap the pills in the food, or use a small boiling water to bream the pills with hard objects, and then feed the dog with the needle tube that removes the needle. However, this medicine hurts the kidneys, and it is easy to harm the dog. Don't feed more, just one or two. Especially dogs during pregnancy. Parents can buy some children to eat fire grabels. Drink plenty of water to reduce the meat in the food
    3, the eyes can give it some chloramphenicol eye drops. There is nothing big with urine yellow, just get the fire, just go.

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